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Durham University

School of Government & International Affairs


Dr Kavi Joseph Abraham Assistant Professor in International Relations 45683 IM116 Al Qasimi Building
Dr David Andersen Assistant Professor in US Politics 42416 Room 009, Southend House Contact David Andersen
Professor Jutta Bakonyi Professor in Development and Conflict 45681 IM206, Al-Qasimi Building
Professor Ilan Zvi Baron Professor in International Political Theory and Deputy Head of School 47221 SE116, Southend House
Dr Carly Beckerman Assistant Professor in the International Relations of the Middle East 45666 IM215, Al-Qasimi Building
Dr Jessica Begon Assistant Professor in Political Theory 40635 112, Southend House
Dr Oliver Belcher Assistant Professor 45687 IM117, Al Qasimi Building
Dr Gordon C.K. Cheung Associate Professor in International Relations of China 45682 IM207, Al-Qasimi Building
Dr Gidon Cohen Associate Professor and Head of School 47184 SE105, Southend House
Dr Olga Demetriou Associate Professor in Post-Conflict Reconstruction 45676 210, Al-Qasimi Building
Dr Maria Dimova-Cookson Associate Professor in Political Theory 47182 SE101, Southend House
Dr Tessa Ditonto Assistant Professor 47217 Room 113, Southend House
Professor Anoush Ehteshami Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah Chair in International Relations 45662 IM220, Al-Qasimi Building
Professor Christopher Finlay Professor in Political Theory and Deputy Head of School 45604 IM221, Al-Qasimi Building
Dr Anne Flaspöler Assistant Professor in International Relations 45664 IM212 Al Qasimi Building
Dr Maria Eugenia Giraudo Assistant Professor in International Political Economy 40623 Room 108 Elvet Hill House
Dr Cameron Harrington Assistant Professor in International Relations 45665 IM216, Al-Qasimi Building
Dr Graham Harrison Associate Professor 40626 Room 110, Elvet Hill House
Dr Małgorzata (Gosia) Jakimów Assistant Professor in East Asian Politics 47206 109, Elvet Hill House
Professor Clive Jones Professor of Regional Security 45675 IM117, Al-Qasimi Building
Dr Elizabeth Kahn Assistant Professor in Political Theory 45684 IM219, Al-Qasimi Building
Dr Stefanie Kappler Associate Professor in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding 45667 IM208, Al-Qasimi Building
Dr Patrick M Kuhn Associate Professor in Comparative Politics 47204 SE118, Southend House
Professor Roger Mac Ginty Professor in Defence, Development and Diplomacy 45348 117, Al-Qasimi Building
Dr Lewis Mates Assistant Professor in Political Theory 47220 SE107, Southend House
Dr Rory McCarthy Assistant Professor 45217 Room 210, Elvet Hill House
Dr Adrian Millican Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Comparative Quantitative Politics 44293 SE003, Southend House
Dr Mona Morgan-Collins Assistant Professor in Comparative Quantitative Politics 45608 SE014, Southend House
Professor Emma Murphy Professor of Political Economy 45668 IM218, Al-Qasimi Building
Dr Kyriaki Nanou Associate Professor in European Politics 45894 Room 203, Al Qasimi Building
Dr Moritz Osnabrügge Assistant Professor in Quantitative Comparative Politics 45218 Room 008 Southend House
Dr Anouk S. Rigterink Assistant Professor in Quantitative Comparative Politics IM213 Al Qasimi
Dr Thomas Robinson Assistant Professor in Quantitative Comparative Politics Room 110 South End House
Professor Julia Stapleton Professor of Political Thought 47205 106, Southend House
Dr Neil Visalvanich Assistant Professor 47218 SE114, Southend House
Professor Nick Vivyan Professor 45881 SE115, Southend House
Professor John Williams Professor 45683 IM116, Al-Qasimi Building
Mr Laurence Barton Finance Administrator 45723 Contact Laurence Barton
Mrs Kelly Guy Learning and Teaching Manager 45689
Mr Graeme Harris Senior Research Administrator 45680
Mrs Caroline Martin Operations Administrator 45656 Contact Caroline Martin
Mrs Val Morland Learning and Teaching Coordinator 45561
Miss Zoe Papagiannouli Learning and Teaching Administrator 45606
Ms Katy Quigley Department Manager 45688 Contact Katy Quigley
Ms Gabrielle Summers Learning & Teaching Administrator 42481 Contact Gabrielle Summers
Mrs Lauren Todd PGR Co-ordinator 45751

Teaching Staff

Dr Can Cinar Contact Can Cinar
Dr Raphaela Kormoll Teaching Fellow in International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies, AFHEA
Dr Marzieh Kouhi-Esfahani Teaching Fellow in Middle East Politics 45658
Dr Kevin Miller Teaching Fellow 45651
Dr Kenneth Searle Teaching Fellow in Quantative Politics 47183 Contact Kenneth Searle
Mr Viktor Valgardsson Teaching Fellow in Quantative Politics 45218 Contact Viktor Valgardsson

Research Staff

Dr Lydia Cole Postdoctoral Research Associate 45653
Dr Hilary Ingram Research Associate Contact Hilary Ingram
Mr Janosch Kullenberg Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Honorary & Visiting Staff

Dr Emilie Fort Postdoctoral Research Assistant Contact Emilie Fort
Professor Paul Luft Honorary Research Fellow Contact Paul Luft
Mr James Michael Page Honorary Research Fellow Contact James Michael Page
Dr Robert Schuett Honorary Fellow
Ms Lilian Tauber Visiting Fellow Contact Lilian Tauber
Dr Stephen Welch Honorary Fellow


Professor Thom Brooks Associate
Mrs Louise Haysey Global Policy Institute Manager 44461
Dr Eva-Maria Nag Global Policy Journal Executive Editor 45709 Contact Eva-Maria Nag
Mr Tarek Abou-jaoude Contact Tarek Abou-jaoude
Mr Harrison Ajebon Contact Harrison Ajebon
Mr Ghiath Al-antouz Contact Ghiath Al-antouz
Mr Oday Al-Hasan
Ms Fatima Al-karbi Contact Fatima Al-karbi
Mr Khalifa Al-suwaidi Contact Khalifa Al-suwaidi
Mrs Cangul Altundas-Akcay Contact Cangul Altundas-Akcay
Ms Alice Alunni
Mr Emil Archambault
Ms Minako Asakura Contact Minako Asakura
Mr Irfan Azeez
Mr Abdul Azizam Contact Abdul Azizam
Miss Juline Beaujouan-Marliere Contact Juline Beaujouan-Marliere
Ms Galit Benhaim-Pedahzur Contact Galit Benhaim-Pedahzur
Ms Vanessa Bentil Contact Vanessa Bentil
Mr Ahmet Borazan Contact Ahmet Borazan
Mr Richard Bruce Contact Richard Bruce
Mr Mark Burdon Contact Mark Burdon
Mr David T. Caldwell
Ms Gilla Camden Contact Gilla Camden
Mr Anthony Chimente Contact Anthony Chimente
Ms Sarah Clowry
Miss Marina Costa-Esteves-Coutin Contact Marina Costa-Esteves-Coutin
Mr Alexander Crockett
Ms Maja Davidovic
Ms Elisabeth de Vega Alavedra
Miss Georgia Dimitriou Contact Georgia Dimitriou
Ms. Betul Dogan-Akkas
Mr Riccardo Fabiani Contact Riccardo Fabiani
Miss Jessica Forsythe Contact Jessica Forsythe
Ms Esther García Monreal Contact Esther García Monreal
Mr Edward Goodger Contact Edward Goodger
Mr. Islam Hassan
Mr Matthew Hedges
Miss Aylar Ibrahimi Jarchlo
Ms Selma Imamoglu Contact Selma Imamoglu
Miss Louisa Jones Contact Louisa Jones
Mr Nurlan Karzhassov Contact Nurlan Karzhassov
Ms Dorien Keizer Contact Dorien Keizer
Ms Anna Kranz
Miss Julie Lespinasse Contact Julie Lespinasse
Mr Samuel Mellish Contact Samuel Mellish
Ms Phellecitus Montana Contact Phellecitus Montana
Mr. Alexander Moodie Contact Alexander Moodie
Mr Majid Mossa Contact Majid Mossa
Mr Nchimunya Muleya Contact Nchimunya Muleya
Mr Daniel Nicholls Contact Daniel Nicholls
Mr Henry Padden Contact Henry Padden
Mr Hoseong Park Contact Hoseong Park
Ms Zarqa Parvez Contact Zarqa Parvez
Mr Evert Raafs Contact Evert Raafs
Mr Ahmet Sacmali Contact Ahmet Sacmali
Mr Jacopo Scita Contact Jacopo Scita
Ms Hannah Siddle Contact Hannah Siddle
Mr Fabian Stroetges
Mr Jack Taggart Contact Jack Taggart
Mr Shuo Tian Contact Shuo Tian
Mr Lin Tsui Contact Lin Tsui
Mr. Tomos Vaughan Contact Tomos Vaughan
Mr. Tom Walsh
Ms Dan Wang Contact Dan Wang
Dr Dominic Welburn Contact Dominic Welburn
Mr Craig Whittall
Mr Yusuf Yerkel Contact Yusuf Yerkel
Miss Freshta Yosufi Contact Freshta Yosufi
Mr Mudar Zahran Contact Mudar Zahran
Mr David Ellery Professor in Practice
Mr Suresh Nanwani Professor in Practice