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Addison Wheeler Fellow in the School of Government and International Affairs
Associate Fellow in the Institute of Advanced Study


I am an Addison Wheeler postdoctoral fellow in Government and International Affairs at the University of Durham since January 2024. My research is situated at the intersection of International Security and International Political Theory, and addresses the broad political dynamics shaping remoteness and war in global politics. My main research project engages with democratic contestation of contemporary military practices, particularly the use of military drones and military infrastructure. In addition to this project, I am currently working on a monograph titled Making War Remote, which expands on my doctoral dissertation. Furthermore, I continue to conduct research on non-state actors' use of armed drones. My full research activities can be found on my website.

Prior to my current postdoctoral fellowship, I was a MINDS-SSHRC postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa, Canada. I hold a PhD in Government and International Affairs from the University of Durham and an MPhil in International Political Theory from the University of St Andrews, UK.

Research interests

  • International security; war studies; remote warfare; military drones; Carl Schmitt; Visual Investigations; Democracy and War


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