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Video of the week

What’s intellectual property got to do with you?

A video by Durham University students who won a grant from the Intellectual Property Office to raise awareness of intellectual property issues amongst students, especially budding entrepreneurs.

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Comment and opinion

Virtual reality robots could help teleport juries to crime scenes

A jury in court

Mehzeb Chowdury, a PhD researcher in Forensic Science and Criminal Investigations in the School of Applied Sciences, explains how virtual reality robots could help teleport juries to crime scenes without them ever leaving the courtroom. 

(26 Aug 2016) » More about Virtual reality robots could help teleport juries to crime scenes

Why should cultural artefacts be more rooted than people?

Philosophy at Durham University

Robert Seddon, Honorary Research Fellow in Philosophy, explores the changing relationships between people, nations and cultural artefacts. 

(26 Aug 2016) » More about Why should cultural artefacts be more rooted than people?

How to build confidence in maths

Image of school children using coloured blocks

Researcher and qualified primary school teacher, Stephanie Raine from the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, talks about maths anxiety and the challenges for teachers.

(24 Aug 2016) » More about How to build confidence in maths


The Minimalist Literary Aesthetic and Current Forms of...

Wednesday 31 August 2016, 17:30 - 18:30, Alington House

Part of the Late Summer Lectures series organised by the Department of English Studies, this lecture explores the genre of minimalism in literature. It is free to attend and open to all.

Ordered Universe - imaging fast phenomena: Waves, Vibrations and...

The next in the Ordered Universe public lecture series will feature Professor Clive Siviour, of the Department of Engineering, University of Oxford. Clive will be speaking about his on-going research into High-Speed photography and the extraordinary images it produces, and to experiments derived from Robert Grosseteste’s treatise On the Generation of Sounds.

Imaging Fast Phenomena: Waves, Vibrations and High-Speed Photography

Just as a microscope opens up the world of small distances, high speed photography opens the world of short times. Since the advent of photography itself, people have attempted to visualise events that are too fast for the human eye. This talk will give an overview of both early and modern techniques used to build cameras capable of thousands, and now millions, of frames per second. It will also explore some applications of high speed imaging in science and engineering.

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