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Durham University


Durham University remains open and is responding to the COVID-19 virus with the health and wellbeing of our community and the communities of which we are part as our first priority.

For the latest information, please see our designated web page.


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6th April 2020

The Government, businesses and unions are cooperating during COVID-19

Closing of ranks between the Government, business groups and trade unions: Tackling the impact of the coronavirus crisis shoulder to shoulder, by Professor Bernd Brandl

3rd April 2020

Airlines, COVID-19, climate change and risk reporting

Professor Carol Adams, Professor in Accounting examines how airlines have been reporting risk, how global pandemics like COVID-19 fit into this and how this may affect their futures.

3rd April 2020

Beware of pension scams as reports of fraud soar during the...

Dr Anna Tilba warns of the increased scams and fraud taking place against the background of the COVID-19 outbreak and suggests ways to protect ourselves.

Responding to Covid-19

Find out how we are working to help our University community, local communities and the international effort to defeat Covid-19.

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Transformative teaching and learning

Keep up to date with the digital transformation taking place at Durham, which will make learning more accessible and inclusive.

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Continuing Professional Development

We provide professional training that challenges boundaries, is research-led, transformative and takes advantage of the latest digital technologies.

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Featured video

How to build a Universe

How do you build a universe? First of all, you need some of the world’s finest physicists and then you have to combine this with a hugely powerful supercomputer. Durham University hosts the COSMA supercomputer, a machine so powerful it has the equivalent memory of 40,000 home computers. Watch to find out more.

31st March 2020

Changing strategy quickly during COVID-19

Tom Shanks is Finance Director for Blueline Taxis, a firm based in the North East which was founded over 60 years ago by his grandparents. Tom graduated with an MSc Finance degree from Durham in January, and being 25, he didn’t ever think he’d be plunged into such a challenging time so early on in his career.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he, his family and colleagues got straight to work thinking of how to support their much valued staff/drivers, and also the wider...

16th March 2020

Prestigious placements for pensions law students

Our Law students can for the first time this academic year study pensions law as part of their undergraduate degrees, giving them vital knowledge of this very important area of law affecting so many people.

10th March 2020

Students record charity single for mental health

International students have recorded a charity single to raise awareness of mental health.

From our student blogWorking together to support Durham City community

After seeing the County Durham Facebook page, and the call for people to produce smaller, localised mutual aid groups to assist those in need during the Covid-19 pandemic, third year Physics student, Tyla helped to create the Durham City Mutual Aid Facebook page. Read more about it and how you can get involved in this blog.

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