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Amal Anaam

Doctoral Research Student

Doctoral Research Student in the School of Government and International Affairs


Amal joined the School of Government and International Affairs in October 2021 as a doctoral researcher. Her research interrogates the application of the Just War Theory to contemporary conflicts. Given the changing character of war and the indeterminacy of the Just War Theory in responding, Amal's research examines wider theories of jus ad vim, territorial rights and the rights of the demos in an attempt to reconstruct elements of the theory.

Amal holds a BA (Hons) in Political Science and an MA in International Relations (Terrorism and Political Violence) from the University of Birmingham.

Research Groups:

  • Centre for Political Theory
  • Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Research Interests:

  • Just War Theory
  • Ethics of Political Violence 
  • Communitarianism 
  • Territorial Rights
  • Self-Determination