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We have a wide portfolio of externally funded research projects taking place in the School.


Research Projects

Below are a sample of some of the Research Projects that have recently completed or are currently ongoing within the school. 

From Suffrage to Representation

From Suffrage to Representation: Women, Suffragists and Politicians upon Enfranchisement in the U.S., U.K, Norway and Chile

Seeking the Personal Vote

Seeking the Personal Vote: How Legislators Exploit the Party Line

Youth Engagement and skills acquisition within Africa’s transport sector

Youth Engagement and skills acquisition within Africa’s transport sector: promoting a gender agenda towards transitions into meaningful work

Rethinking Teaching and Learning about International Relations

Funded by the British International Studies Association, this project aims to produce a new framework for teaching introductory courses on IR

Peacekeepers as Soldiers and Humanitarians

Peacekeepers as Soldiers and Humanitarians: The Impact of Contradictory Roles and Responsibilities on The Protection Mandate of Peacekeepers

Security on the Move

Security on the Move: Everyday security of IDPs in rapidly growing Somali cities

Causes and Consequences of Electoral Violence

Electoral violence plagues the modern world, but it is not a new phenomenon.

Subject of Legitimate Violence

Subject of Legitimate Violence: Political Ethics and the Agents of Force

Politics of the Muslim World

As a School we have substantial expertise in Muslim politics, Islamist social movements, and Islamic political thought.
Politics of the Muslim World