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Amanda Whitfield

Doctoral Research Student

Doctoral Research Student in the School of Government and International Affairs


Amanda joined Durham University as a Doctoral Research Student in October 2020 with the School of Government and International Affairs and the Law School. Her doctoral research is an interdisciplinary project analysing the development of UK policy on forced migration from 1905 to 2016.

Policies for individuals seeking asylum in the UK have become increasingly restrictive and repressive throughout this period, resulting in the hostile environment policies of today. This thesis argues that these restrictive measures have been gradually and systematically constructed by successive UK governments acting on behalf of the state.

Amanda holds a BSc in Mathematics from Edinburgh University, a PGCE from Durham University, and an MA in International Policy and Diplomacy from Staffordshire University.

Her research interests are the history and politics of forced migration; asylum and refugeehood; asylum law; socio-legal research; and citizenship and identity politics.