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Our department members' interest cover a wide range of specialist areas within Classics and Ancient History. Follow the links to each person's individual profile to find out more details about their research and teaching:

Ancient history – Greek Serafina Cuomo, Yehudah Gershon, Andrea Giannotti, Claire Hall, Chris de Lisle, Polly Low
Ancient history – Roman Caroline Barron, Serafina Cuomo, Karl Dahm, Marta Garcia Morcillo, Yehudah Gershon, Nathan Gilbert, Claire Hall, Ted Kaizer, Katherine McDonald, Alberto Rigolio
Ancient Near East
George Gazis, Ted Kaizer, Alberto Rigolio
Ancient political theory Giulia Bonasio, Yehudah Gershon, Andrea Giannotti, Nathan Gilbert, Phillip Horky
Ancient religion
Claire Hall, Ted Kaizer
Ancient science Serafina Cuomo, Claire Hall, Phillip Horky, Peter Swallow
Bronze Age Greece George Gazis, Anna Judson
Digital humanities Caroline Barron, Peter Heslin, Alessandro Vatri
James Oakley
Epigraphy Caroline Barron, Marta Garcia Morcillo, Andrea Giannotti, Anna Judson, Ted Kaizer, Chris de Lisle, Polly Low, Katherine McDonald, Edmund Thomas
Late Antiquity Karl Dahm, Roy Gibson, Konstantinos Lygouris, Mara Nicosia, James Oakley, Alberto Rigolio
Linguistics George Gazis, Anna Judson, Katherine McDonald, Mara Nicosia, Alessandro Vatri
Literature – Greek Giulia Bonasio, Andrea Capra, Karl Dahm, George Gazis, Yehudah Gershon,Andrea Giannotti, Edith Hall, Theodore Hill, Phillip Horky, Lucy Jackson, Konstantinos Lygouris,Brian McPhee, Sarah Miles, James Oakley, Alberto Rigolio, Peter Swallow, Alessandro Vatri, Ioannis Ziogas
Literature – Latin Erica Bexley, Roy Gibson, Nathan Gilbert, Nora Goldschmidt, Peter Heslin, Jennifer Ingleheart, Liam Preston, J.T. Wolfenden, Ioannis Ziogas
Material & visual culture Caroline Barron, Andrea Capra, Peter Heslin, Anna Judson, Ted Kaizer, Katherine McDonald, Edmund Thomas
Numismatics Chris de Lisle
Pedagogy and Education Arlene Holmes-Henderson, Anna Judson, Sarah Miles, Peter Swallow, J.T. Wolfenden
Philosophy Giulia Bonasio, Andrea CapraGeorge Gazis, Nathan Gilbert, Claire Hall, Phillip Horky, Sarah Miles, Mara Nicosia, Liam Preston, J.T. Wolfenden
Public Policy Arlene Holmes-Henderson
Reception & the history of Classics Caroline Barron, Erica Bexley, Giulia Bonasio, Andrea Capra, Marta Garcia Morcillo, Nathan Gilbert, Nora Goldschmidt, Edith Hall, Peter Heslin, Arlene Holmes-Henderson, Jennifer Ingleheart, Lucy Jackson, Sarah Miles, Edmund Richardson, Peter Swallow, Edmund Thomas, J.T. Wolfenden
Syriac Karl Dahm, Ted Kaizer, Mara Nicosia, Alberto Rigolio