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Department of Philosophy


Professor Robin Hendry - all publications

Chapter in book

  • Hendry, R.F. (2017). Mechanisms and reduction in organic chemistry. In EPSA15 Selected Papers: The 5th conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association in Düsseldorf. European Studies in Philosophy of Science, volume 5. Massimi, M., Romeijn, J.W. & Schurz, G. Cham: Springer. 111-124.
  • Hendry, R.F. (2017). Prospects for strong emergence in chemistry. In Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives on Downward Causation. Francesco Orilia, F. & Paoletti, M.P. New York: Routledge. 146-163.
  • Hendry, RF (2010). 'The elements and conceptual change'. In The Semantics and Metaphysics of Natural Kinds. Beebee, H & Sabbarton-Leary, N New York Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. 137-158.
  • Hendry, RF (2006). ‘Is there downward causation in chemistry?’. In Philosophy of Chemistry: Synthesis of a New Discipline. Davis Baird, Eric Scerri & Lee McIntyre Berlin: Springer. 242: 173-189.
  • Hendry RF (1999). Theories and models: the interactive view. In Visual representations and interpretations. London: Springer-Verlag. 121-130.
  • Hendry RF (1998). Models and approximations in quantum chemistry. In Idealization in contemporary physics: Poznan studies in the philosophy of the sciences and the humanities. Amsterdam: Rodopi. 63 123-142.
  • Hendry RF (1995). Realism and progress: why scientists should be realists. In Philosophy and technology: Royal Institute of Philosophy supplement. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 38 53-72.

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