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Philosophy is an ancient discipline which studies the most fundamental questions that arise in all areas of human concern, from religion and politics, to morality and the sciences.

In studying philosophy at Durham, you will learn as much about how to think about difficult questions, as you will learn about the answers that can be given to them. You will be equipped for life with an ability to detect bad argument, whether in politics, in the media, or in discussion with the people you live and work with, and an ability to produce better arguments of your own.
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Meet our Students

Get to know some of our students and find out why they decided to study Philosophy at Durham University.

Meet our students
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Your philosophical training will give you a whole raft of 'transferable skills'. What that means is: you'll develop capacities and abilities through studying philosophy that potential employers will value immensely.

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The lecturers in Philosophy make clear why what we are learning is important at the beginning of each new topic, which personally makes me more interested in the topic we are learning. Also, the people in general are happy and enthusiastic and are willing to get involved and get out of their comfort zones. The lecturers are always willing to help and are happy to make times when students can see them (even not in their office hours).

Georgina Allen
Current Philosophy Undergraduate Student
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Our undergraduate courses, offer a distinctive, research-led Philosophy curriculum, incorporating considerable levels of variety and choice.
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Please take a look at some of the jobs our philosophy alumni are doing now across a variety of sectors.
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Meet Our Students

Meet our students and find out what it's like to study Philosophy at Durham University and what first got them interested in the field.
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Undergraduate Journal (Critique)

See a selection of articles, discussion pieces and authoritative book reviews published biannually by Durham University.
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