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This most ancient and fascinating of intellectual disciplines is fundamental to our understanding of what it is to be human.

Click on the course in which you are interested to see the programme structure. Please note that this information is indicative and may change as courses develop and new modules are added, or older ones changed. This happens because our Lecturers and Professors are constantly shaping their teaching in line with their research, and to reflect contemporary scholarship in their area. If you want to get a good idea of the sort of topics, you're likely to encounter in your studies, a good place to look is at the research pages of our website, where you can find out which big questions we're currently working on at Durham.

Explore our courses:

BA in Philosophy (V500)

BA in Philosophy and Politics (LV25)

BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (VL52)

BA in Philosophy and Psychology (CV85)

BA in Philosophy and Theology (VV56)

BA in English Literature and Philosophy (QV35)

BA in Music and Philosophy (WV53)