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Department of Philosophy


Professor Andy Hamilton - all publications

Books: edited

  • ed. Hamilton, Andy & Paddison, Max (2016). The Philosophy of Rhythm: Aesthetics, Music, Poetics. Oxford University Press.
  • ed. Hamilton, Andy & Zangwill, Nick (2012). Scruton's Aesthetics. Palgrave Macmillan.

Essays in edited volumes

  • Hamilton, Andy (2009). 'The Sound Of Music'. In Sounds and Perception: New Philosophical Essays. Nudds, M & O'Callaghan, C Oxford: Oxford University Press. 146-182.
  • Hamilton, Andy (2006). Against the Belief Model of Delusion. In Reconceiving Schizophrenia. Chung, M., Fulford, W. & Graham, G. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 217-234.
  • Hamilton, Andy (2005). Proprioception as Basic Knowledge of the Body. In Basic Belief and Basic Knowledge: Papers in Epistemology. Woudenberg, R, Roeser, S & Rood, R Frankfurt: Ontos Verlag. Philosophical Research 4: 269-292.
  • Hamilton, Andy (1998). Phenomenalism and the self. In The Cambridge Companion to J.S. Mill. Skorupski, J. Cambridge University Press.

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