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Durham University

Department of Philosophy


Professor Anna Marmodoro, PhD

Professor in the Department of Philosophy

(email at


On research Leave.

Anna holds the Chair of Metaphysics at the University of Durham. Previously, she was for a decade at the University of Oxford, where she was an Official Fellow of Corpus Christi College (2011-17), and before that, a Junior Research Fellow and the British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow (2008-11).

At Oxford she directed a interdisciplinary research group funded by a starting investigator award from the European Research Council and a project grant from the Templeton World Charity Foundation, with a combined research budget of over £2M. The group included several early-career as well as senior collaborators, and focussed on the metaphysics of powers and related issues, in a variety of domains of inquiry.

Anna received her doctorate from the University of Edinburgh (2006), and her Laurea from the University of Pisa (2000). 

She has held visiting positions internationally, in Europe, the U.S. and Australia.

She is also a Research Fellow and an Associate Faculty Member in the Faculty of Philosophy and Corpus Christi College at the University of Oxford.

Anna is co-founder and co-editor of the peer-reviewed journal Dialogoi. Ancient Philosophy Today, published by Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming in press from 2019.

Anna Marmodoro's CV

Indicators of Esteem

  • Academic Societies Membership:

    Member of the Young Academy of Europe (2017-)
    • Member of the British Society for the History of Philosophy (2008-)
    • Founding member of the Medieval Philosophy Network in the UK (2012-)
    • Member of the Durham Centre for Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, University of Durham (2017-)
    • Member of the Centre for the Study of Greek and Roman Antiquity, Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford (2007-)
    • Member of the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research (2016-)

  • Awards:

    Humanities Division Merit Award from the University of Oxford (2008 and 2014)

  • Editorial Board Membership of international peer reviewed journals:
    • History of Philosophy Quarterly.
    • Topoi: International Review of Philosophy.
    • Philosophical Inquiries.
    • TheoLogica.
  • International Visiting and Research Fellowships:
    • Visiting Professorial Fellow at the Istituto Studi Filosofici, Lugano, Switzerland (2017-18)
    • Anderson Fellowship, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Sidney, Australia (2017)
    • Institute for Advanced Studies, Paris (2016)
    • Harvard University, Center for Hellenic Studies (2013)
    • Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio Centre, Italy (2012)
    • Australian National University, Humanities Research Centre (2009)
    • International Liguria Study Centre, Bogliasco, Italy (2009)
    • Institut fur Klassische Philologie, University of Wurzburg, Germany (2007)
  • Refereeing for international peer reviewed journal and presses:
    • Peer-reviewed journals: Ancient Philosophy; Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie; British Journal for the History of Philosophy; British Journal for the Philosophy of Science; Dialectica; Erkenntnis; European Journal for the Philosophy of Science; European Journal for the Philosophy of Religion; History of Philosophy Quarterly; Journal for General Philosophy of Science; Journal of the History of Philosophy; International Journal of the Platonic Tradition; Mind; Monist; Philosophers’ Imprint; Philosophical Quarterly; Philosophical Studies; Philosophical Papers; Philosophical Inquiry; Philosophia; Philosophie antique; Philosophy and Phenomenological Research; Rhizomata, Synthese; Theoria.
    • International presses: Oxford University Press (Philosophy; Theology); Routledge (Philosophy); Ashgate (Philosophy; Theology); Bloomsbury (Philosophy); Catholic University of America Press (Philosophy).
  • Research Councils service:

    - With policy making roles:

    • Membership of the Strategic Peer Review College for the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK (2017-20).
    • Membership of the Peer Review College for the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK (2014- 17).
    • Membership of the Philosophy Panel (9 members only) of the National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes, and chair of the Medieval Philosophy National Sub-panel, Italy (2011-13). This is the equivalent of the UK REF.

    - Research projects evaluations:

    • The National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes, Italy (2016 and 2017).
    • The Rockefeller Bellagio Center academic residency program (2016 and 2017).
    • The Research Foundation Flanders – FWO (Belgium) (2015 and 2016).
    • The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (2015).
    • The Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), France, (2015).
    • The Royal Society Newton International Fellowships program, UK (2014).
    • The Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Swedish grant-making foundation in the humanities and social sciences (2014 and 2017). PISCOPIA Fellowships Program, Italy (2013-14).
    • The Ministry for Education, Greece (2011).

Research Interests

  • Ancient, late antiquity and medieval philosophy
  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Religion

Selected Publications

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Journal Article

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Selected Grants

  • 2018: Part-whole relations within fundamental potentialities in nature. PI. Project funded by a research project award from the Leverhulme Trust. Grant value: £297,361.
  • 2017: Foundation of folk theories of physics and their real-world impact. Funded by a Research award from Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Co-Investigators: AM and Prof Robin Murphy (University of Oxford). Grant value: £1,000.
  • 2017: The Reception of Aristotle in Byzantium. Funded by the AHRC. Co-Investigator: AM and Dr Sofia Xenofontos (University of Glasgow). Grant Value: £199,827. W:
  • 2016: Double Hylomorphism in Late Antique Metaphysics. Funded by the John Fell Fund (University of Oxford). PI: AM. Grant value: £7,186.
  • 2014: The Metaphysics of Entanglement. Funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation. PI: AM. Grant value: £839,000.
  • 2011: Power Structuralism in Ancient Philosophy. Funded by European Research Council Starting Grant award. PI: AM. Grant value: €1,3 million.
  • 2008: Causal Powers in Aristotle's Philosophy of Mind. British Academy Post-doctoral Fellowship award of the value: £235,000.
  • 2008: Incarnation by Embodiment: Christ as the 'external vehicle' of God's mental contents. Funded by a Leverhulme Trust Project Grant. Co-investigators: AM and Prof Tim Bayne. Grant value: £33,000.
  • 2008: Philosophy as a Way of Life. International collaboration with John Cooper (Princeton) jointly funded by the John Fell Fund (Oxford) and the Faculty of Philosophy at Princeton. Grant: £4,000