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Durham University

The Department of Philosophy


Publication details for Professor Nancy Cartwright

Cowen, N., Virk, B., Mascarenhan-Keyes, S. & Cartwright, N. (2017). Randomized Controlled Trials: How Can We Know “What Works”? Critical Review 29(3): 265-292.

Author(s) from Durham


“Evidence-based” methods, which most prominently include randomized controlled trials, have gained increasing purchase as the “gold standard” for assessing the effect of public policies. But the enthusiasm for evidence-based research overlooks questions about the reliability and applicability of experimental findings to diverse real-world settings. Perhaps surprisingly, a qualitative study of British educators suggests that they are aware of these limitations and therefore take evidence-based findings with a much larger grain of salt than do policy makers. Their experience suggests that the real world is more heterogeneous than the world imagined by evidence-based policy enthusiasts.