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Durham University

Department of Philosophy


Professor Julian Reiss, lic. oec. HSG, PhD (University of London)

Personal web page

Professor in the Department of Philosophy

(email at

Office Hours

Tuesday: 12pm - 3pm

Research Groups

  • History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine

Research Projects

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Economics
  • Philosophy of Medicine
  • Scientific methods, in particular modelling, experimentation, simulation, thought experiments, regression analysis
  • Causality and evidence
  • Organisation of scientific inquiry

Selected Publications

Authored book

Chapter in book

  • Reiss, Julian & Ankeny, Rachel (2016). Philosophy of Medicine. In Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Zalta, Edward N. Stanford: Metaphysics Research Lab, Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford University.
  • Reiss, Julian & Sprenger, Jan (2014). Scientific Objectivity. In Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Zalta, Ed Stanford: CSLI.
  • Reiss, Julian (2014). Struggling over the Soul of Economics: Objectivity versus Expertise. In Experts and Consensus in Social Science. Boumans, Marcel & Martini, Carlo New York: Springer. 50: 131-152.
  • Reiss, Julian & Teira, David (2013). Causality, Impartiality and Evidence-Based Policy. In Towards the Methodological Turn in the Philosophy of Science: Mechanism and Causality in Biology and Economics. Chao, Hsiang-Ke, Chen, Szu-Ting & Millstein, Roberta New York: Springer. 207-24.
  • Reiss, Julian (2013). Models, Representation, and Economic Practice. In Models, Simulations and the Reduction of Complexity. Wolf, Jörg-Henning & Gähde, Ulrich Hamburg: DeGruyter.
  • Reiss, Julian (2013). Philosophy of Economics, History of. In Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Social Sciences. Kaldis, Byron Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications. 2: 718-21.
  • Reiss, Julian (2012). Counterfactuals. In Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Social Science. Kincaid, Harold Oxford: Oxford University Press. 154-83.
  • Reiss, Julian (2012). Genealogical Thought Experiments in Economics. In Thought Experiments in Science, Philosophy, and the Arts. Brown, James Robert Frappier, Mélanie & Meynell, Letitia New York: Routledge. 177-90.
  • Reiss, Julian (2011). Empirical Evidence: Its Nature and Sources. In Handbook of Philosophy of Social Science. Jarvie, Ian & Bonilla, Jesús Zamora SAGE Publications. 551-76.
  • Reiss, Julian (2011). Third Time’s a Charm: Causation, Science and Wittgensteinian Pluralism. In Causality in the Sciences. Illari, Phyllis McKay, Russo, Federica & Williamson, Jon Oxford: Oxford University Press. 907-27.
  • Reiss, Julian (2010). Simulation. In Enzyklopädie Philosophie. Sandkühler, Hans Jörg Hamburg: Felix Meiner.
  • Reiss, Julian (2008). Explanation. In New Palgrave’s Dictionary of Economics. Blume, Larry & Durlauf, Steve Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Reiss, Julian (2008). Social Capacities. In Nancy Cartwright’s Philosophy of Science. Hartmann, Stephan & Bovens, Luc London: Routledge. 265-88.
  • Reiss, Julian (2007). Time Series, Nonsense Correlations and the Principle of the Common Cause. In Causality and Probability in the Sciences. Russo, Federica & Williamson, Jon London: College Publications. 179-96.
  • Reiss, Julian (2006). Reprint of Natural Economic Quantities and Their Measurement. In Recent Developments in Economic Methodology. Davis, John Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  • Reiss, Julian (2005). Causality and Economic Methodology. In Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology. Biddle, Jeff E., Emmett, Ross B. & Samuels, Warren J. JAI Press Inc. 23-A: 173-82.
  • Reiss, Julian (2005). The Contingency of Theories of Causality: Comments on Paul Humphreys (in Spanish). In Enrahonar: Quaderns de Filosofìa 37 (special issue Causalidad y Explicación: En Homenaje a Wesley Salmon. Hoefer, Carl & Diez, José Barcelona: The Autonomous University Press. 35-44.
  • Reiss, Julian & Cartwright, Nancy (2004). Uncertainty in Econometrics: Evaluating Policy Counterfactuals. In Economic Policy Making under Uncertainty: The Role of Truth and Accountability in Policy Advice. Mooslechner, Peter, Schubert, Helene & Schütz, Martin Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. 204-32.

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Selected Grants

  • 2015: H2020-K4U: Knowledge for Use: Making the most of Social Sciences to build better policies (£1190079.29 from European Commission)