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Past Exhibitions and Events

Find out more about our previous exhibitions, events, and art installations.

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Art Durham

This festival featured a wide range of visual arts activities appealing to a variety of audiences. Image caption: Chris Younger, The Clearing, pop-up exhibition.
Looking into a large shop window from outside, inside the shop is an art exhibition on the walls, groups of people stand inside the shop chatting. Outside the shop is an A-board in side profile with a pink balloon attached to it.

Bailey Gallery

Led by a student guide, The Bailey Gallery presented a unique opportunity to experience the University’s art collections by visiting four of Durham’s oldest Colleges.
A group of people walk down a narrow, cobbled street, on the left are houses, to the right a wall with metal fence attached.

Draw Durham

Draw Durham presented a family-friendly interactive trail of drawing activities. Image caption: The Caravan Gallery, The Peoples Map of Durham, 2017, Gala Theatre.
A man and a woman draw onto a large monochrome hand-drawn map, attached to a wall, both are crouched while the man draws onto the map.

Norman Cornish

An exhibition of renowned North-Eastern artist Norman Cornish's little-seen sketchbooks Image caption: Norman Cornish, Sketch, Courtesy of the artist’s estate.
Sketch drawing executed in black pen showing the upper torsos of two men sitting close together chatting, both are wearing flat caps, their heads together.

Opening the Door

Discovering Durham University’s western art collection. Image caption: Eric Gill, Calvary, Five Stalks of Leaves, and Ship, 1915. Collection of Durham University.
Three monochrome downward facing triangles are stacked above one another vertically in the centre of the artwork. Each triangle contains a different illustration.

Fay Pomerance

Work by British Jewish artist, Fay Pomerance (1912-2001). Image caption: Fay Pomerance, From The Sphere of Redemption series, 1949-1965, Courtesy the artist's estate.
Landscape format painting, illustrative in style, visualising the story of Lucifer’s redemption.

Stephen Gill

Image caption: Stephen Gill, Infra-Ordinaire series, The Middlesbrough Collection. Courtesy of the artist and Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art.
A dirt track rises from the lower left-hand side upwards towards the centre of the image. A smaller dirt track from the right-hand side comes up to join it in the centre. On each side of the track are sun-bleached grasses.