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Stephen Gill: Infra Ordinaire

1 June – 14 July 2017 

This display in Durham University’s Geography Department formed part of a long-term project by photographer Stephen Gill, documenting a specific space in Port Clarence, an area of disused land on the north bank of the River Tees in Middlesbrough. By revisiting the site on a regular basis, Gill’s approach to picture-making investigated ideas of Georges Perec’s ‘infra ordinaire’, to describe an everyday that is neither ordinary nor extraordinary, neither banal nor exotic. 

The project has been supported by Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (mima) and the Impact Support Fund, Department of Geography, Durham University. 

A dirt track rises from the lower left-hand side upwards towards the centre of the image. A smaller dirt track from the right-hand side comes up to join it in the centre. On each side of the track are sun-bleached grasses.

Stephen Gill, Infra-Ordinaire series, The Middlesbrough Collection. Courtesy of the artist and Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art.