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Dr Rik Van-Nieuwenhove

Associate Professor of Medieval Thought in the Department of Theology and Religion
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43604
Room number: Dun Cow Cottage 002

Contact Dr Rik Van-Nieuwenhove (email at rik.van-nieuwenhove@durham.ac.uk)

Research Interests

Medieval Theology (especially Thomas Aquinas & Bonaventure)


Theology of the Trinity

Fourteenth Century spirituality of the Low Countries (especially Ruusbroec)


Authored book

Edited book

Chapter in book

  • Van Nieuwenhove, Rik (2018). 'Art, Contemplation and intellectus. Aquinas and Gadamer in conversation'. In Art and Mysticism: Interfaces in the Medieval and Modern Periods. Nelstrop, Louise & Appleton, Helen Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. 70-86.
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  • Van Nieuwenhove, Rik (2016). Commitments to Medieval Mystical Texts within Contemporary Contexts: Some Reflections on Medieval Mystical Texts as ‘Classic’ Texts in the Gadamerian Sense. In Commitments to Medieval Mystical Texts within Contemporary Contexts. Kikuchi, Satoshi & Cooper, Patrick Peeters. 239-253.
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Journal Article

  • Van Nieuwenhove, Rik (2019). Searching for a Connection: Prayer and contemplation 'broadly conceived' in Thomas Aquinas. Ephemerides Theologicae Lovaniensis 95(2): 283-298.
  • Van Nieuwenhove, Rik (2018). Assent to Faith, Theology and Scientia in Aquinas. New Blackfriars 100(1088): 410-424.
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