Durham University

Department of Theology and Religion

Current Staff

If you are at the Durham campus or Queen's Campus, Stockton, dial the last five digits of the phone number. From outside the UK, the number is +44 191 33 and the last five digits.

Academic Staff: Professor Lewis Ayres Professor of Catholic & Historical Theology 43945 Abbey House 101 l.o.ayres@durham.ac.uk
Dr Krastu Banev Assistant Professor of Theology 43967 37a North Bailey 002 krastu.banev@durham.ac.uk
Professor John Barclay Lightfoot Professor of Divinity 43951 Abbey House 104 john.barclay@durham.ac.uk
Dr Anthony Bash Honorary Fellow/Professor
(1 Sept 2018 - 31 Aug 2021)
42636 Rectory, Hatfield College anthony.bash@durham.ac.uk
Dr Frances Clemson Lecturer in Theology and Ministry 43949 Etchells House B8a frances.clemson@durham.ac.uk
Professor Christopher C. H. Cook Professor 41047 No. 5 The College D003 c.c.h.cook@durham.ac.uk
Professor Douglas James Davies Professor 43943 Abbey House 007 douglas.davies@durham.ac.uk
Professor Simon Dein Lecturer in Spirituality, Religion and Health Module simon.dein@durham.ac.uk
Dr Jan Dochhorn Associate Professor of New Testament 41658 Dun Cow Cottage 103 jan.dochhorn@durham.ac.uk
Dr Maria Exall PDRA in Catholic Social Thought and Practice (CCS) 43950 No. 5 The College D002 maria.exall@durham.ac.uk
Dr Kimberley A. Fowler New Testament Lecturer 43951 Abbey House 104 kimberley.a.fowler@durham.ac.uk
Dr Carmody Grey Assistant Professor of Catholic Theology 41660 Dun Cow Cottage 001 carmody.t.grey@durham.ac.uk
Professor Mathew Guest Professor in the Sociology of Religion 43944 Abbey House 105 m.j.guest@durham.ac.uk
Dr Jane Heath Assistant Professor of New Testament 43957 Dun Cow Cottage 202 j.m.f.heath@durham.ac.uk
Professor Mike Higton Professor 43181 Etchells House 8b mike.higton@durham.ac.uk
Professor of Philosophical Theology and Ethics Christopher Insole Professor & Head of Department 43939 Abbey House 006 christopher.insole@durham.ac.uk
Dr David Janzen Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible / Old Testament 43958 Abbey House 103 david.janzen@durham.ac.uk
Professor Karen E. Kilby Bede Professor of Catholic Theology 43612 Abbey House 201 karen.kilby@durham.ac.uk
Professor Gerard Loughlin Professor 43960 Abbey House B06a gerard.loughlin@durham.ac.uk
Dr Andrew Mein Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible / Old Testament 43963 Abbey House B07 andrew.r.mein@durham.ac.uk
Dr Jonathan Miles-Watson Associate Professor of the Anthropology of Religion 41659 Abbey House 108 jonathan.miles-watson@durham.ac.uk
Professor Walter Moberly Professor 43953 Abbey House 102 r.w.l.moberly@durham.ac.uk
Professor Paul D. Murray Professor of Systematic Theology 43947 Abbey House 202 paul.murray@durham.ac.uk
Professor Simon Oliver Van Mildert Professor of Divinity 43942 Abbey House B06b simon.oliver@durham.ac.uk
Dr Charles Pemberton Assistant Professor of Theology 41657 Dun Cow Cottage 007 charles.s.pemberton@durham.ac.uk
Dr Marcus Pound Associate Professor of Theology & Assistant Director of the Centre for Catholic Studies 43954 Abbey House 205 m.j.p.pound@durham.ac.uk
Dr Elizabeth Powell Assistant Professor (Research): La Retraite Fellow in Theology and Spirituality (CCS) 43945 Abbey House 101 elizabeth.r.powell@durham.ac.uk
Revd Dr Brian Powers Assistant Professor (Research) Vann Fellow in Christianity and Military 43471 Etchells House B9 brian.s.powers@durham.ac.uk
Dr Sitna Quiroz Assistant Professor in the Study of Religion 43965 Dun Cow Cottage 205 sitna.quiroz@durham.ac.uk
Dr Anna Rowlands St Hilda Associate Professor of Catholic Social Thought & Practice 43968 Abbey House 106 anna.rowlands@durham.ac.uk
Dr Gregory Alexander Ryan Assistant Professor (Research) of Ecclesiology and Receptive Ecumenism (CCS) 43950 No. 5 The College D002 g.a.ryan@durham.ac.uk
Professor Alec Ryrie Professor 43926 Abbey House 204 alec.ryrie@durham.ac.uk
Canon Professor Michael Snape Michael Ramsey Professor of Anglican Studies 43966 Dun Cow Cottage 201 michael.snape@durham.ac.uk
Professor Robert Song Professor 43959 Abbey House 005 robert.song@durham.ac.uk
Dr Clare Stancliffe Honorary Reader in Ecclesiastical History c.e.stancliffe@durham.ac.uk
Revd Dr Gabrielle Thomas Post-Doctoral Research Associate 43960 Abbey House B06a gabrielle.r.thomas@durham.ac.uk
Dr Rik Van-Nieuwenhove Associate Professor of Medieval Thought 43604 Dun Cow Cottage 002 rik.van-nieuwenhove@durham.ac.uk
Dr Medi Volpe Assistant Professor of Theology & Ethics 41655 Dun Cow Cottage 102 m.a.volpe@durham.ac.uk
Professor Peter Ward Professor of Practical Theology 43824 Cranmer A3 peter.ward@durham.ac.uk
Professor Francis Watson Professor 43694 37a North Bailey 109 francis.watson@durham.ac.uk
Professor Stuart Weeks Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew 44330 Elvet Riverside 248 s.d.weeks@durham.ac.uk
Revd Professor David Wilkinson Professor and Principal of St. John's College 43895 St. John's College david.wilkinson@durham.ac.uk
Research Staff: Dr James Kelly Research Fellow in the History of Catholicism 43950 No. 5 The College D002 james.kelly3@durham.ac.uk
Revd Dr Peter Phillips Research Fellow in Digital Theology p.m.phillips@durham.ac.uk
Dr Adam Powell COFUND Junior Research Fellow 41657 Dun Cow Cottage 007 adam.j.powell@durham.ac.uk
Administrative Staff: Miss Susan Bates Department Manager 43955 Abbey House 003 susan.bates@durham.ac.uk
Miss Amy Clarke PG Student Support Officer 43956 Abbey House 001 a.e.clarke@durham.ac.uk
Mr Tim Guinan Development Executive (Centre for Catholic Studies) 43946 Abbey House 206 tim.guinan@durham.ac.uk
Ms Christine Hamilton UG Student Support Officer 43940 Abbey House 001 christine.hamilton@durham.ac.uk
Dr Jane Lidstone Centre for Catholic Studies Administrative Assistant 41656 Abbey House 203 jane.lidstone@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Theresa Phillips Centre for Catholic Studies Administrator 43952 Abbey House 203 theresa.phillips@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Kathleen Pickford Reception and Student Support Assistant 41168 Abbey House 002 kathleen.pickford2@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Susan Tait Student Support Team Leader 43929 Abbey House 001 susan.tait@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Claire Williams Department Support Officer 43293 Abbey House 001 claire.williams@durham.ac.uk
Ms Yvonne Williams Religious Life Vitality Research Project Co-ordinator – Centre for Catholic Studies 43946 Abbey House 206 yvonne.williams@durham.ac.uk
Teaching Assistant: Miss Vivian Asimos PhD Student, Research Assistant & Teaching Assistant vivian.asimos@durham.ac.uk
Revd Peter Baker Integrated PhD student & Teaching Assistant peter.w.baker@durham.ac.uk
Mr Rory Balfour PhD student & Teaching Assistant rory.j.balfour@durham.ac.uk
Mr Adrian Brooks PhD Student & Teaching Assistant adrian.j.brooks@durham.ac.uk
Ms Nicolete Burbach PhD Student & Teaching Assistant n.g.burbach@durham.ac.uk
Mr Benjamin Coleman PhD student & Teaching Assistant benjamin.c.coleman@durham.ac.uk
Mr Vasile Condrea PhD Student, Research Assistant & Teaching Assistant v.a.condrea@durham.ac.uk
Mr William Billy Crozier PhD Student & Teaching Assistant william.e.crozier@durham.ac.uk
Miss Jessica Eastwood PhD student & Teaching Assistant jessica.g.eastwood@durham.ac.uk
Revd Timothy Escott PhD Student & Teaching Assistant timothy.r.escott@durham.ac.uk
Dr Stuart Foyle Teaching Assistant s.m.foyle@durham.ac.uk
Mr Andrew Graystone PhD Student & Teaching Assistant andrew.graystone@durham.ac.uk
Mr Adam Gye PhD Student & Teaching Assistant adam.gye2@durham.ac.uk
Mr Brandon Hurlbert PhD Student & Teaching Assistant brandon.m.hurlbert@durham.ac.uk
Miss Yasmin Ilkhani Teaching Assistant yasmin.h.ilkhani@durham.ac.uk
Mr Ross Jesmont PhD Student & Teaching Assistant ross.j.jesmont@durham.ac.uk
Mr Gabriel Kalcheim PhD Student, Teaching Assistant & TA Representative gabriel.kalcheim@durham.ac.uk
Dr Charidimos Koutris Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant & Web Manager charidimos.koutris@durham.ac.uk
Ms Myka Lahaie PhD Student & Teaching Assistant myka.s.lahaie@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Hanna Lucas PhD Student, Teaching Assistant & TA Representative hanna.j.lucas@durham.ac.uk
Miss Claire Marsland PhD Student & Teaching Assistant claire.marsland@durham.ac.uk
Dr David McCollough PhD student, Teaching Assistant & PG Research students Representative david.j.mccollough@durham.ac.uk
Dr Justin Alexandru Mihoc Teaching Assistant j.a.mihoc@durham.ac.uk
Mr Joshua Mobley PhD student & Teaching Assistant joshua.k.mobley@durham.ac.uk
Mr John Moon PhD student & Teaching Assistant john.moon@durham.ac.uk
Miss Lucinda Murphy PhD Student & Teaching Assistant lucinda.a.murphy@durham.ac.uk
Ms Rebecca Neale PhD Student & Teaching Assistant rebecca.d.neale@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Jennifer Riley PhD student & Teaching Assistant jennifer.dziegiel@durham.ac.uk
Mr Giorgio Scalici PhD Student, Research Assistant & Teaching Assistant giorgio.scalici@durham.ac.uk
Mr Logan Williams PhD Student & Teaching Assistant logan.a.williams@durham.ac.uk
Mr Matthew Williams PhD Student & Teaching Assistant matthew.n.williams@durham.ac.uk
Mr Bruno Zazo Teaching Assistant bruno.zazo@durham.ac.uk