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DGSi staff are engaged in world-leading research on peace, security and development. Our original intellectual vision was around three D's: Defence, Diplomacy and Development. Often Defence, Diplomacy and Development act hand-in-hand. But sometimes they can be contradictory, and they each entail ethical and practical challenges. DGSi research – on peacebuilding, security, migration, mediation, human rights and many other topics – is focused on key issues of our time. As well as fieldwork-driven research, our staff are engaged in theoretical and conceptual work that often shapes academic debates. We pride ourselves in our interdisciplinary work. We are convinced that no single academic discipline has all the answers to the complex social problems that are connected with conflict and development challenges. Instead, it is more likely that a combination of insights from various disciplines will allow a more nuanced analysis of the issues connected with conflict and peace.

Interviews with our Researchers


           Professor Olga Demetriou                                         Professor Catherine Turner 
               Director of DGSi                                                      Deputy Director of DGSiOlga Demetriou and Catherine Turner

                  Professor Stefanie Kappler                                               Dr Will Plowright
Prof in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding          Lecturer in Peace and Conflict Studies in SGIAStefanie Kappler and Will Plowright