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PhD Funding


Opportunities for PhD funding

If you are thinking of doing a PhD in conflict, security, development, social movement, (critical) terrorism or peace studies, we have the following funding opportunities available at DGSi:

+3 Year Studentships (36 Months)

These awards are for applicants who have already completed or who are in process of completing a Masters degree with 60 credits or more of research methods training and who are wishing to commence a PhD directly.

+3.5 Year Studentships (42 Months)

This award is for students who have or who are in the process of completing a Masters degree that does not involve 60 credits of research methods training. Award-holders are granted six months additional funding to undertake a 60-credit Certificate in Research Methods.

2+3 Year Studentships (60 Months)

These awards are for students wishing to complete a language-based Masters degree (including research methods training) to enable them to do their PhD. For students planning to do fieldwork in (post)-conflict zones, this is an ideal opportunity.