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 Working Papers


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Volume (number) 

Veiled Victories in Modern War

Col. ArmelDirouArmy Attaché, Defence Attaché’s Office, Embassy of France, London

DGSi Executive Policy and Practice Working Paper Series 


2020 (No. 1) 

Are Apologies Just Symbolic Politics? A Case Study of Serbian Apologies Towards Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Cliodhna Simpson

DGSi Working Paper Series 

2018 (No. 3) 

The Suspension of Legal and Moral Norms at the EU’s Mediterranean Sea Borders

Emily Chrystie

DGSi Working Paper Series 

2018 (No. 2) 


The Conflict Between Armed Conflicts: Dispensing with the Distinction Between International and Non-International Armed Conflicts

Ben McGuckin

DGSi Working Paper Series 

2018 (No. 1) 

Prestige Aid:The case of Saudi Arabia and Malaysia

Lena Moral Waldmeier

DGSi Working Paper Series 

2017 (No. 3) 

The Local Turn and the Post-Conflict Everyday: Moving towards a phenomenological approach 

Laura Daïeff

DGSi Working Paper Series 

2017 (No. 2) 

Armed Drone Proliferation and Strange’s International Political Economy: Understanding the spread of UCAVs through global power relations

Jenna R. Mazzella

DGSi Working Paper Series 

2017 (No. 1) 

Narrating Ukraine: A Crisis of Russian Identity?

Ben Challis

DGSi Working Paper Series 

2016 (No. 3) 

Afghanistan: An Analytical Framing - Past, Present and into the Future

James Michael Page

DGSi Working Paper Series 

2016 (No. 2) 

Afghanistan in Regional Context: Insights from Regional States

Professor Shaun Gregory

DGSi Working Paper Series 

2016 (No. 1)