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MSc Defence, Development & Diplomacy 


The MSc is designed for practitioners and students looking to enhance their skills in the context of broader theoretical models, as well as graduates with a career in government, the armed forces, inter-governmental organisations, NGOs or academia in mind. 

Courses are taught by a mixture of academics and practitioners, and cover both critical and problem-solving approaches. Conflict dynamics are analysed drawing on multiple disciplines, including security studies, peace studies, anthropology, law, archaeology, history and political theory. Modules include both traditional term-long modules and short, usually more skills-oriented, continuing professional development courses as well as fieldtrips (e.g. past fieldtrips were organised to Lebanon, Nepal, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Northern Ireland and Kosovo). 

The intensive professional workshops are open to practitioners who are not on the MSc programmes as Continuing Professional Development courses, enhancing students' opportunities for networking and learning from other practitioners' perspectives. 

Find out more: L2K609 - MSc Defence, Development and Diplomacy 


Doing MSc Defence, Development and Diplomacy was an enriching experience for me mainly because of a huge diversity of students participating from all corners of the world having their own unique views on contemporary issues, academically engaged professors with profound knowledge and experience and equally stimulating academic environment of Durham.

Salina Chaulagain
MSc Defence, Development and Diplomacy
“The guest lecturers are unbelievable people you would never come into contact with.”

Howard Murray
MSc Defence, Development and Diplomacy
“We have field trips and practical exercises that other masters don't necessarily offer.”

Gilberto Algar-Faria
MSc Defence, Development and Diplomacy
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Capstone exercise: Humanitarian Intervention Simulation

During a conflict, would you know what urgent actions need to be tackled? Here, the Durham Global Security Institute, based within the School of Government and International Affairs, gives students the opportunity to put their learning into action during their Capstone Humanitarian Intervention Simulation.

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