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Students studying in Teaching and Learning Centre 

Research skills 

The University Library has extensive resources including books, growing numbers of eBooks and ePrints, thousands of journal titles available in print and online, and access to many specialist databases.  

To help sixth form students access these resources, and learn how to carry out effective research, we offer a physical session on research skills in the main University Library. Alternatively, we can deliver a digital session via your chosen platform.  

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Bill Bryson Library session 

This session focuses on the research skills sixth form students will need for their studies and any potential entry into higher education. A mini-lecture highlighting research strategy, referencing and accessing online material, including academic journals, is followed by a tour around Durham University’s main library, learning how to find and use educational material.  

For more information on how your students can access the library, see below. 

Accessing the Library 

Digital session 

This 40-minute lecture will focus on how to access research material online. This includes tools to help your students to carry out more effective online searches and introducing students to Open Access material, which will enable them to access research for free. Students will also learn how to analyse online sources and be introduced to referencing.  

Please note, this session does not serve as an induction to the Bill Bryson Library for independent access.  

To aid your students in this session, please find links to notes for the lecture below.  

Online Research Skills PDF

More resources for students on research skills can be found on our webpages

We also run sessions for classes of A-Level students wishing to explore primary source material from Palace Green Library, the Oriental Museum, the Museum of Archaeology collections and the Art collection. We can offer a variety of sessions exploring a range of topics.  

For more information on these, see below. 

Post 16 Art sessions 

Post 16 History sessions