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Jericho: Ditching the Dirt

Jericho: Ditching the Dirt is a podcast series created to accompany the online exhibition Jericho: An Ancient City Revealed

The series further explores the life of Kathleen Kenyon, excavations at Ancient Jericho, influential female archaeologists, how the Oriental Museum obtained the collection from Jericho as well as interviews with Felicity Cobbing (Chief Executive and Curator of the Palestine Exploration Fund) and Professor Robin Skeates (Department of Archaeology, Durham University).

Listen below or find it on major podcast platforms through Anchor

Episode 1: Dame Kathleen Kenyon [4:09]

Dive into the life of an influential female archaeologist from history: Dame Kathleen Kenyon.

Episode 2: Kathleen Kenyon’s excavations at Ancient Jericho [5:25]

Kathleen Kenyon became known as the ‘Mistress of Stratigraphy’ because of her excavations at Ancient Jericho between 1952 and 1958. This episode will discuss what fuelled Kenyon to carry out excavations there and what it was like to excavate with her

Episode 3: Archaeology in Jericho: Interview with Felicity Cobbing [9:17]

In this episode the team interviews Felicity Cobbing, Chief Executive and Curator of the Palestine Exploration Fund (PEF), where she talks about the PEF, the importance of archaeology and Jericho as an archaeological site, and her advice on pursuing a career in archaeology.

Episode 4: Ask an Archaeologist: Interview with Professor Robin Skeates [15:53]

Is there something you want to know from an archaeologist? In this episode, Professor Robin Skeates shares an intriguing object found by his excavation team, the best and challenging part of being an archaeologist, and his advice for anyone who wants to pursue a future in archaeology

Episode 5: What Links Jericho and Durham? [10:17]

Durham University’s Oriental Museum has 128 objects from Ancient Jericho in their collection. This episode will look at how the objects came to be at the Oriental Museum which includes a fascinating connection between Kathleen Kenyon’s excavation and Durham University, so do tune in!

Episode 6: The PEF and Jericho: Interview with Felicity Cobbing [29:45]

This episode continues the interview with Felicity Cobbing, Chief Executive & Curator of the Palestine Exploration Fund (PEF). It will delve into the workings of the PEF and its deep connection with Ancient Jericho, through the excavations of Charles Warren in 1868, and John Garstang between 1930 and 1936, which are touched upon in the accompanying online exhibition, highlighting the excavations conducted prior to Kathleen Kenyo

Episode 7: Women in Archaeology [19:01]

Expanding on the accompanying online exhibition’s theme of female archaeologists, through its focus on Kathleen Kenyon, this episode takes a look at Gertrude Caton-Thompson (1888-1985) and Tessa Wheeler (1893-1936). These women were pioneering archaeologists in their own right, who had a connection to Kenyon, as she trained under them in Zimbabwe and Verulamium respectively. This episode will also be addressing wider themes, such as Feminist Archaeology and misogyny within the field.