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Schools and Home Learning

Learn more about what we offer for primary and secondary school, sixth-form, college and home learning groups planning an educational visit, outreach or online session.


Curriculum linked sessions


Inspire your learning by inviting us to your school or live stream. Our assemblies usually last approximately 30 minutes, depending on what works best for your school.
Children in an assembly wearing robes

Early Years and Key Stage 1

Evoke cultural curiosity, new ideas and allow children to share their ideas and experiences. Discover our sessions for Early Years and Key Stage 1.
A child smiling under a sculpture at the botanic Gardens

Key Stage 2

Learn more about our interactive sessions for Key Stage 2 to support early theory building, historical enquiry and collaborative learning.
A child examining a stone

Key Stage 3

Formation of historical theory through critical thinking, primary source analysis and collaboration. More information on our Key Stage 3 sessions can be found here.
Photograph of the interior of the Norman Chapel at Durham Castle, lit at night by candle-effect lights.

Key Stage 4

Primary and secondary source analysis skills centred in our unique collections. Find out more about our available sessions for Key Stage 4 pupils.
Zoomed-in image of a 19th-century map showing Durham Jail, made up of newly built structures with large exercise yards between them. Other buildings of the City of Durham can be seen outside the prison walls.


We also offer sessions for Post-16 students supporting research skills, library access, work experience and collections focussed higher education routes.
Internal view of the main staircase of the Bill Bryson Library

Curriculum Enrichment

The cultures, people and diversity represented within our collections allows for a safe space for discussion, conversation and sharing with the students in your group.
Two students stood by a case in the Silk Roads Gallery

Booking form

Fill out our form to book a session with us. If you wish to discuss any details of your session with us, please feel free to get in touch via email or telephone.
School children exploring in a museum and pointing at the exhibitions



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Work experience and routes into Higher Education

We offer a Work Experience Programme working with collections professionals and support Widening Participation for Higher Education.

Work Experience Programme Widening Participation
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Arts Award

Durham University Library and Collections is proud to be an Arts Award Centre.

Arts Award
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Professional Practice

The Learning and Engagement Team are looking to develop our CPD (Continued Professional Development) offer. If you would like to explore a bespoke offer for your institution, please contact us. This is dependent on our availability so do plan ahead.

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