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An assembly can be:

  • taught at your school 
  • online 

Our assemblies usually last approximately 30 minutes, depending on what works best for your school. Assemblies can also be bundled with one of our digital or outreach sessions for free. 


Assemblies available


  • What is a historian?
  • What does an archaeologist do?
  • What is a museum?
  • What is modern art?
  • What is a University? 

Specific events

  • International Women’s Day (8th March)
  • Diwali (Exact date changes but October or November)
  • Buddha’s Birthday (Exact date changes but April/ May/ June)
  • Remembrance Day (11th November) 


Need to know

In school

  • Assemblies can be booked independently and are priced at £30. 
  • You can also book an assembly as part of the day that we are with you in school teaching one of your year groups. These assemblies are free but can only be offered towards the end of the day, rather than at 9am, due to us being unable to guarantee to be there on time.
  • For an assembly in school, we will agree the start time of your assembly with you at the point of booking. If we are visiting your school for an assembly only, we will aim to arrive at your location 20 minutes before the agreed time. 


  • For an online assembly, you will need to book a short test call with us. This will be to check that you can see and hear us on the whiteboard where your assembly will be held. These test calls are available at 3.30pm, 3.45pm and 4pm.  
  • PLEASE NOTE: we find that online assemblies work best when multiple classes come together in a communal place, such as the school hall, rather than all the classes logging onto the call from their respective classrooms. However, we do understand that this may not always be possible.
  • The cost of an online assembly is £20. 

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The Learning and Engagement team offer hybrid, interactive taught programmes and events for schools, community groups, families and lifelong learners through Collections Outreach.

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School children exploring in a museum and pointing at the exhibitions