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Art Collection Podcasts

Interview with Durham University’s Art Team

Recorded and edited by Isobel, a 15 year old student, who is virtually exploring arts and heritage careers from home while working towards her Silver Arts Award.

In this podcast you can hear Isobel interviewing Alix Collingwood-Swinburn, Art Curator; Katie Braithwaite, Exhibitions Assistant and being helped by her aunty and arts award mentor Emily Dowler, Project Officer (Learning and Engagement). 

They discuss artists from our collections including Fay Pomerance, William Morris, Lady Kitt, Craig Oldham, and  Stuart Langley.

The Guerrilla Girls

In this podcast, created by a final year English student Eden Szymura, you will find out about the work of The Guerrilla Girls, which are part of Durham University’s Art Collection.

Eden explores The Guerrilla Girls history, activism, and its wider content in modern society. Eden discusses the works, The Advantages Of Being A Woman Artist (1988), Do Women Have To Be Naked To Get Into the Met. Museum? (1989), Women In America Earn Only 2/3 Of What Men Do (1985) and Dearest Art Collector (2007).

You can find out more about Eden’s project MEDUSA here, a new digital creative platform that explores the arts and social activism, particularly feminism. 

Lady Kitt, 89 Ways You Are Worth More To Me Like This (2018)

This podcast centres on 89 Ways You Are Worth More To Me Like This, created by Lady Kitt in 2018, and has been created by final year Modern Languages and Cultures student, Grace Hogan. 

Exploring Kitt’s processes and the implications of the piece, the podcast seeks to relate 89 Ways You Are Worth More To Me Like This (2018), and indeed the series of which it forms a part, the Worth series, to Kitt’s fundamental ethos of ‘(gently) interrogating’ society and art itself.

Dame Elizabeth Frink

This podcast, recorded and written by Durham University Student Triffie Axworthy, explores some works from Durham University’s Art Collection.

Dame Elizabeth Frink is a celebrated sculptor and printmaker. Triffe explores themes such as nature and ‘the divine human form’ that you find in works such as Spinning Man (1965), I flew through a black cloud (1987), Osprey (1974), Cormorant (1974) and the series The Canterbury Tales (1972). 

Marina Abramovic, Artist Body (1991)

This podcast, centred on Artists Body, created by Marina Abramovic in 1991, has been produced by final year Modern Languages and Cultures student, Grace Hogan. 

Grace explores the themes and concepts central to Abramovic’s work such as identity and feminism. Artists Body (1991) is a print that is part the portfolio Hope and Optimism, a global art project launched in 1990.