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Durham alumni invited to the inaugural 'MoGala' to celebrate 20 Years of Movember

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Current student Jack Bell (Geography BA, Risk MA, Hatfield College) is working in partnership with Jonathan Gullis MP and The Movember Foundation, to host the first 'MoGala' and would like to invite Durham alumni to join them at this exciting event.

The event will take place on 16 November 2023 in the prestigious setting of The Houses of Parliament. This exclusive gathering aims to celebrate the remarkable 20-year journey of the Movember movement while raising crucial funds for the charity. 
The 'MoGala' is set to be an unforgettable evening, promising a perfect blend of good cheer and charitable spirit. The evening will commence with a sparkling champagne reception in the iconic Strangers Dining Room giving guests the opportunity to socialise, connect and share stories. As the night progresses, the guests will be led to the Members Dining Room, where they will indulge in a three-course dinner.

While celebrating the accomplishments of the Movember Foundation, the MoGala will also feature a distinguished guest speaker. They will provide insights into the impact of the charity's work, inspiring attendees to continue supporting the cause. 
The event will not only be about celebration and camaraderie; it will also be an opportunity for attendees to contribute generously to the cause through a raffle and an auction.

Speaking about the upcoming MoGala, Jack Bell expressed his enthusiasm for the event, saying: “This event has been 2 years in the making and there is no doubt in my mind that the MoGala will be a night to remember. I hope to make this event an annual fixture for a charity that I feel is worth the effort. Movember’s directive is a simple one ‘Have Fun, Do Good’ – The MoGala will achieve both in spadefuls.”

The Movember Foundation has been a pioneering force in addressing men's health issues, raising awareness, and funding research initiatives. Their work has positively influenced countless lives around the world, making the MoGala an event that goes beyond just celebration but embraces a noble mission. 

Jack's background

Charity rugby game organised by Jack BellIn his second year at Durham, Jack had his first significant encounter with the Movember charity. Given the title of Movember Team Captain for Hatfield Rugby, he took charge and organised an event in ticket holders would enjoy an evening of competitive rugby and then entry into an afterparty to celebrate.

Stationed outside the Bill Bryson Library for an entire week, Jack and his team successfully sold all 500 tickets, raising an impressive £4,000 overall. Not stopping there, Jack utilised his persuasive skills to secure sponsorships from several local businesses, all of which generously donated to their fundraising page. By the end of the month, the collective efforts of the team amounted to a staggering £10,000 raised for the Movember cause, with Jack personally contributing £3,400 to the total.

The appreciation shown by Movember towards Jack's club in the form of a handwritten note left a profound impact on him. The genuine display of gratitude and personal touch from the charity solidified his conviction that Movember was the cause he wanted to support wholeheartedly.

Jack and friend on Tyne bridgeJack’s charitable efforts have continued. He recently ran an impressive distance from Durham to Newcastle, covering approximately 35km and secured an outstanding £5,500 in donations for Movember.

Jack's dedication to Movember and his innovative approach to fundraising are a testament to his unwavering support for men's health issues. Looking forward to the MoGala, he is hoping to strengthen the impact of the Movember charity, making a difference in the lives of countless individuals. His resilience and passion in the face of challenges make him a remarkable advocate for the cause, and his efforts continue to inspire others to join the movement for men's health. 

If you are interested in attending the MoGala please contact Jack: