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A Lasting Legacy

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Putting a gift into your will 

Making a will is a time for reflection about your personal legacy. Including a gift to Durham in your will is a celebration of an institution you treasure and the people you have encountered here. 

Legacy gifts enable the University to continue to grow in stature, providing the environment for its academic staff and future generations of students to discover, innovate and influence.

If ever you would like to discuss anything legacy-related, The Legacies Team would be pleased to hear from you. We are always grateful to hear from our supporters about their intentions to ensure we understand their wishes and to allow the institution to understand the scale of the future support that exists.



How and what to donate

Choose what to donate, the types of legacy gifts you can leave and the tax benefits of giving.  

What could I donate?

We are pleased to accept gifts of any value. When considering how to direct your legacy, some people find it helpful to consider what could be achieved with it.
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Types of legacy gift

If you intend to donate a specific item, it can be useful, and can enrich the gift, if we know the story behind it and what it means to you.
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Tax benefits

By putting a gift in your will to us, you could pay less tax on your UK estate. Some other non-UK jurisdictions, also offer relief on charity gifts.
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Legal advice and wording

We advise that you speak to a qualified legal professional, who will help you to word your will.
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Dunelm Circle

This is a group of alumni and friends who have put a gift to Durham in their will. As a member, you will be invited to a Celebration of Legacies event each year.
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In memory

Making a donation to a cause or institution in memory of a loved one can mean a great deal.
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