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A Global Community

What are Chapters?

Chapters are at the heart of the global Durham network. They are led by dedicated volunteers who give their time, expertise and resources to create an active global community and support the advancement of the University.

Chapters help you stay connected to Durham no matter where you are in the world. Through events and activities held throughout the year, Chapters not only provide opportunities for you to meet and network with fellow alumni, but also support your lifelong learning and development.

Chapters are a welcoming group of alumni and supporters who share a passion for Durham and other areas of interests. This can range from geographic location, industry, academic or other area of interest.

Whether you have recently moved to a new country and want practical advice on living there or want to network with like-minded people who work in the same job sector as you, our friendly network of Chapters will always be happy to hear from you!

If you want to connect with your local chapter, or are interested in setting up a Chapter, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at

Why get involved?

  • Meet new people and reconnect with friends, lecturers, and staff
  • Expand your network and develop new skills
  • Help build a stronger, more vibrant Durham alumni community across the world
  • Inspire and enrich the lives of current and future Durham students 

How Chapters make a difference

  • They represent the views, needs and interests of their alumni and support communities
  • Contact points for local alumni, travelling alumni, academics and students
  • Supports the next generation of leadership and inspiration through student recruitment and employability agendas
  • Support the name, brand and reputation of Durham