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Key Stage 4

Art Workshops

Durham University is home to an incredible art collection spanning many different cultures, countries and movements. Your students will not only experience the art and learn more about the artists but will also have a chance to go behind the scenes. Here, they can see how our collections are stored and catalogued and meet the art professionals who care for them.

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If you’re interested in our art sessions, why not check out our Arts Award?

Art Careers

Learn what it's like to work in the arts and meet the professionals who work with Durham University’s art collection. This is an opportunity to hear what an Art Curator does, and how to pursue a career in a museum or gallery.

Behind the Scenes

Visit online our Art Store to view first-hand how a collection is stored, catalogued, and conserved. There will also be discussions around the types of careers that can be developed in the creative industries.

Available as an online interactive two hour session..

Citizenship Workshops

Help your students understand the world around them better through experiencing cultures, people and collections from around the globe and throughout history. Add context, colour and creativity to your teaching by visiting our collections.

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Defining National Identities

What does it mean to be British? This session focuses on how national identities can be expressed. Compare Britain to Vietnam, a country that has 54 officially recognised nationalities and get hands on with our collection of Vietnamese objects, each with a story to tell.

Available as an online interactive one hour session.

History Workshops

See how you can support your teaching by visiting our collections. We support teaching across a huge range of subjects from the History of Medicine, through to Crime and Punishment, the Tudors and the Normans.

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Crime and Punishment

This session uses a range of primary sources to consider perceptions of crime, and how criminals were punished, in the 19th century. Material from our archives about prisoners, prisons and reformers can be viewed by students. So, book a visit to discover more about debtors, Elizabeth Fry and infamous serial murderer Mary Ann Cotton.

Available as an online interactive one hour session.

The History of Medicine

Find out more about the work of Vesalius and Paré and discover why their names are still revered in this hands-on session. This workshop provides rare access to key texts from our archive used in the study of the history of medicine.

Available as an online interactive one hour session.

The Normans in Durham: Conquest and Construction

The Normans transformed Durham, building the Castle and the Cathedral. During this visit, students will be taken around Durham Castle, looking at why it was built, how the Normans ruled their lands and the impact they had on the region. Norman power will also be looked at through their coins, document seals and weapons they used to keep control.

Available as an online interactive one hour session.

The Tudors: Revolt: Reformation and Revolution

The Tudor dynasty is one of the most critical periods in British history, with society undergoing radical change from the monarchy down. During this session, students will get the opportunity to study archival material, have a go at palaeography (reading old writing) and explore our handling collection.

Available as an online interactive one hour session.

Remembering Slavery

In this session, your students will interact with primary sources and artefacts to learn about the transatlantic slave trade. They can see the sheer scale of the trade, and the terrible conditions it involved, with our life-size print of a slave ship. Finally, they will discover how this period of history continues to influence the world today.

Available as an online interactive one hour session.

Religious Education Workshops

What better way to understand a person's faith than to experience the objects, art and artefacts inspired by that faith? We have collections stretching from Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism through to Shintoism. Come and find out more!

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Comparative World Religions

The collections of the Oriental Museum can be used to study religions from across the globe including Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. This session encourages students to learn more about different faiths through artworks and other associated objects. Students will be given the opportunity to explore the galleries and handle museum artefacts.

Available as an online interactive one hour session.

Widening Participation and Raising Aspirations

We are keen to work with schools and colleges, starting at Primary School age on Widening Participation and Raising Aspirations projects. We design these projects in consultation with individual schools and staff.

Please contact us to start planning ways we can help to inspire and encourage your pupils.