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Early Years and Key Stage 1


Come and explore Durham University’s incredible art collection. See wonderful works of art, learn more about the artists and get creative yourselves.

What makes a Great Artist?

Find out about artists such as Andy Warhol, Barbara Hepworth, Bridget Riley and the Guerrilla Girls. Create repeat patterns like Warhol and Riley, learn to express opinions like the Guerrilla Girls, sketch like Norman Cornish or sculpt like Hepworth.

If you’re interested in our art sessions, why not check out Arts Award here?


Durham University is home to world class collections from all around the globe and throughout history. Bring your pupils to learn more about Castles, Local History and the Great Fire of London.

The Great Fire of London

This session introduces primary school pupils to the study of history, and how historians know what happened a long ago. Props and material from our archives are used to find out more about the Great Fire of London, and pupils can have a go at writing like Samuel Pepys!

Available as an online interactive one hour session.

Local History

Embark on a study of your school's local area and discover its fascinating history. What stories lie behind local landmarks? Piece together the puzzles of the past with maps, objects, documents and photographs. Every session is tailored to your school!

Available as an online interactive one hour session.


Gain a better understanding of major world faiths by visiting our exhibitions and booking a workshop.


Learn more about the Hindu faith in this session. Pupils will explore our gallery, take part in a retelling of the Ramayana, create their own diva lamp and get hands on with our Hindu handling collection.

Available as an online interactive one hour session.

Buddha’s Birthday

The festival of Wesak takes place in May and celebrates the birth of Buddha. In this session, your pupils can find out more about the life of Buddha and how Wesak is celebrated by Buddhists. They will explore our gallery, get hands on with objects from the collection and take part in a drama session about Buddhas birth.

Available as an online interactive one hour session.

What is Buddhism?

Who was Buddha? Why is he a special person to Buddhists? This session uses objects in our gallery to answer these questions and encourage the children to discover how Buddhists worship. Pupils will also get the chance to handle objects, create Buddhist prayer flags and learn more about the life of Buddha.

Available as an online interactive one hour session.


Our collections stretch from Egypt, through to the Middle East, India, Nepal, Korea, China, Japan and Europe. Let your pupils to have a greater understanding of the world through our online sessions.

Chinese New Year

Discover just some of the traditions associated with Lunar New Year, celebrated by millions around the world! Take part in a retelling of traditional stories that explain why and how Lunar New Year is celebrated. Explore our galleries, learn about symbols in art and create your own artwork inspired by our collections.

Available as an online interactive one hour session.

The Marvels of China

The Oriental Museum is home to an incredible collection of Chinese artefacts. This session explores this fascinating country and gives pupils the opportunity to create a terracotta warrior, handle museum artefacts, explore our gallery and dance with our dragon.

Available as an online interactive one hour session.


We are keen to work with schools and colleges, starting at Primary School age on Widening Participation and Raising Aspirations projects. We design these projects in consultation with individual schools and staff. Please contact us to start planning ways we can help to inspire and encourage your pupils.

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