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School Assemblies

Our assemblies usually last between 30-45min, depending on what works best for your school. Assemblies can also be bundled with one of our digital our outreach sessions for free.

Availble as:
  • 30-45 minute online assembly
  • 30-45 minute assembly in your school

What is a Historian?

What do historians do? What different people, countries and periods of history do they study?

What does an Archaeologist do?

What is an archaeologist and what kind of work do they do? What kinds of archaeologists are there and where in the world do they work?

What is a Museum?

Discover what a museum is, what kind of jobs the many people who work in them do and what museums can offer to us all.

What is Modern Art?

Learn about the different movements in modern art, when it started and what it means. How does it make us feel? Do you like it? Why do people make art?

International Women's Day

Discover the history of International Women's Day, investigate inspirational women in history and look at how we can change the world now.


We look at the Festival of Light, who celebrates it, why and how.

Buddha's Birthday

Celebrate Wesak, or Buddha's Birthday, with us in this special assembly. We look at who Buddha was and why he is so important to so many people.

What is a University?

Why would you go to university? What is it like to be a student at university?

Remembrance Day

We look at the story of the end of the First World War, how people remember those who lost their lives, and why it matters today, over 100 years later.