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Key Stage 5 Workshops

From Tudor rebellions to the Salem witch trials, 4schools has an exciting Key Stage 5 programme.



Inspired by our attractions

Teachers and students are welcome to use our Museums and Attractions to learn about different art collections and draw inspiration for their own work. We have worked with schools on a range of different projects including ceramics, manga and repeating patterns. Please contact us for details.

Bespoke session

Extended Project Qualification / Personal Study

Extended Project Qualification

Research Skills

We welcome VI form students who wish to use the resources of the University Library to help them with their studies. All students wishing to take advantage of this offer need to attend one of our training sessions in Research Skills and using the Library catalogue.

Half day Bill Bryson Library or outreach

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Role of women

The changing role of women

What were 19th Century views on the role of women, their education and place in society? Why did they fight for the right to vote? This session uses a range of primary sources to prompt students into considering these and other questions.

Half day Palace Green Library

History of Science

The History of Science

Key Stage 5

Thinking about contemporary science in its historical context provides an added dimension to its study. This session allows A level students to view a wide range of historical texts including first editions of works by Galileo, Newton and other luminaries.

Half day Palace Green Library

A leap in the dark? The 1867 Reform Act

Designed to support students studying 19th century political history, this session focuses on the build-up to the Reform Act of 1867 before asking students to debate whether it was a 'leap in the dark' or a carefully planned manoeuvre.

Half day Palace Green Library

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Poverty amidst progress

Poverty amidst progress

The 19th century saw considerable progress in social conditions but poverty remained a persistent problem. This workshop allows students to study a wide range of material relating to the subject.

Half day Palace Green Library


Reaction, reformation and rebellion in the Tudor period

The Tudor period continues to fascinate scholars of all ages. This workshop uses a range of primary sources to look at different aspects of the reigns of Henry VIII, Mary I and Elizabeth I and is of most use to those focusing on this period for their personal study.

Half day Palace Green Library


What is a book?

Designed as an extra-curricular activity to challenge students, this session asks them to determine what makes a book a book before considering what books and manuscripts can tell us. It also includes the opportunity to try writing with quills, printing and finding out how books are made.

Half day Palace Green Library or outreach

Historical truth

What is historical truth?

Aimed primarily at gifted and talented students or to challenge A Level students, this session uses a range of primary sources to investigate the notion of historical truth.

Half or full day Palace Green Library or outreach


Witchcraft for muggles

Designed to act as a supplement to students studying the Salem witch trials, this session focuses on works by Increase and Cotton Mather (the chief protagonists) before drawing parallels with instances of witchcraft in this country. The students then use a range of material to prepare for a mock trial.

Half day Palace Green Library or outreach

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Durham University’s Museums and Attractions offer a wide range of opportunities to help young people achieve the Arts Award.

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