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Key Stage 4 Workshops

From medieval manuscripts to the slave trade, 4schools has an exciting secondary programme. Look at our workshops below, or explore online teaching resources for Key Stage 4.



Inspired by our attractions

Teachers and students are welcome to use our Museums and Attractions to learn about different art collections and draw inspiration for their own work. We have worked with schools on a range of different projects including ceramics, manga and repeating patterns. Please contact us for details.

Bespoke session


National identities

Defining national identities

What does it mean to be British? These resources focus on how national identities emerge and whether they have any validity by comparing Britain to Vietnam, a country that has 54 officially recognised nationalities.

National Curriculum link: Diversity

Bespoke Resources, outreach

Human Rights

Human rights and "precious liberties"

This innovative session asks students to consider the issue of human rights and precious liberties by focusing on the transatlantic slave trade before making comparisons to modern day slavery and the rights and liberties we enjoy in Britain. Students can participate in a handling session of slave-related artefacts, experience a little of what it was like to be a slave on the dreaded Middle Passage and find out more about modern-day slavery. Please contact us to arrange this bespoke session, which can be run as a class-based or year group workshop.

This workshop can also be run to support school involvement in the British Library's Campaign! Make an Impact programme.

Bespoke session


Democracy and the struggle for the vote

This workshop considers who can vote and why having the right to vote is important. It then uses historic sources to trace the struggle for the vote. Traditionally run as a year group activity, each class researches one particular historic period and then presents their findings to the other classes. Members of the 4schools team can act as expert witnesses to assist students in their research. Please contact us for details.

Bespoke session



Crime and punishment through time

This session uses a range of primary sources to consider how crime was seen and punished in the 19th century. The students uses material about prisoners, prisons and reformers before testing their knowledge in a fun (and unwinnable!) quiz.

Half day Palace Green Library

Medicine through time

Find out more about the work of Vesalius and Pare and discover why their names are still revered in this hands-on session. This workshop provides rare access to key texts used in the study of the history of medicine.

Half day Palace Green Library

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Remembering slavery

This session focuses on the transatlantic slave trade and includes interaction with primary sources and artefacts and the opportunity to take the part of a slave on our life-sized print of a slave ship. The workshop can cover a single class or a whole year group.


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What is a book?

Designed as an extra-curricular activity to challenge students, this session asks them to determine what makes a book a book before considering what books and manuscripts can tell us. It also includes the opportunity to try writing with quills, printing and finding out how books are made.

Half day Palace Green Library or outreach

Historical truth

What is historical truth?

Aimed primarily at gifted and talented students or to challenge A Level students, this session uses a range of primary sources to investigate the notion of historical truth.

Half or full day Palace Green Library or outreach


Witchcraft for muggles

Designed to act as a supplement to students studying the Salem witch trials, this session focuses on works by Increase and Cotton Mather (the chief protagonists) before drawing parallels with instances of witchcraft in this country. The students then use a range of material to prepare for a mock trial.

Half day Palace Green Library or outreach

Religious Education

Oriental Museum

Comparative world religions

The collections of the Oriental Museum can be used to study religions from across the globe including Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Jainism. This session encourages students to learn more about different faiths through the artwork and other objects associated with them.

Half day Oriental Museum

Arts Award Supporter

Durham University’s Museums and Attractions offer a wide range of opportunities to help young people achieve the Arts Award.

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Book your visit

If you’ve chosen a workshop, discover how to plan and book your 4schools visit.

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