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Remembering slavery


Workshop details

Key Stages: 3 - 4

Number of participants: This session is primarily aimed at a class of up to 30 pupils accompanied by at least 2-3 adults. However, sessions have been tailored to suit small groups through to entire year groups.

Length of session: Remembering slavery can last from anything from 1 hour to a full day (usually from 10am - 2.15pm). The session itself is fully customisable to suit any age group or time frame.

Venue: Delivered in school

Session outline

This extremely thought provoking and challenging session offers pupils the chance to learn about the historical slave trade and its ongoing implications. Pupils can take part in a wide range of activities that will not only increase their understanding of the transatlantic slave trade but will challenge their views of what constitutes basic human rights. Students will be given the chance to develop their critical and analytical skills through looking at and using original primary sources and to extend their ability to carry out historical investigations.

The topic of slavery is one that can prove extremely difficult to teach given its sensitive and often distressing nature. This sessions aims through its wide variety of activities to make the topic not only accessible but modern and relevant. During the course of the day pupils can experience what it was like on a slave ship during the middle passage. Using our handing collection students can see and feel what kind of materials are associated with the slave trade. Pupils have access to original material from which they can construct the same arguments that were used in Parliament during the slave trade debates 200 years ago.

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