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Key Stage 3 Resources

Explore a range of online teaching resources for Key Stage 3 that you can use in your classroom to support your 4Schools visit. Remember to take a look at our teaching resources for Key Stage 4 too!

Why is Antarctica Important?

Want to start a discussion about climate change? Use our resource focusing on why Antarctica is so relevant to get your students talking about this important subject.

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What was Slave Life Like?

This resource considers the life of slaves and asks whether Booker T Washington's description of life as "miserable, desolate and discouraging" is accurate.

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Does the ‘Middle Passage’ Deserve its Awful Reputation?

The transatlantic crossing of African slaves was described as 'agonising and insufferable'. How true was this?

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How did so many Africans become Slaves?

Using printed and manuscript material from the 18th and 19th Centuries, this resource looks at the ways by which Africans were enslaved and the reasons used to justify that enslavement.

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Remembering Slavery

An online exhibition and series of activities designed for use on Smartboards that look at different aspects of the slave trade.

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The Struggle to End Slavery

Find out what people who supported slavery thought and what motivated the anti-slavery campaigners to agitate for an end to slavery in the 19th Century.

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Population and Urbanisation: The Impact of the Industrial Revolution

This investigation focuses on the development of a small town in County Durham to demonstrate the impact of industrialisation in the 19th Century.

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Early Attempts at Settlement in America: the Roanoke Experiment

Why did the early attempts at settlement in America fail? Were the settlers just unlucky or did they have a hand in their own fate?

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Sir Francis Drake and the Circumnavigation of the Globe

Using 17th Century printed accounts, this online investigation asks students whether Drake's journey was one of plunder or discovery.

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What is History?

Designed to act as an introduction to the study of history at secondary school, this resource includes sections on timelines, bias and different types of source material.

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What Impact did New Technology have on the War?

The Great War witnessed many technological developments such as the use of aircraft, developments in artillery techniques, changes in methods of communication and the use of gas. This resource looks at those developments and asks what impact they had.

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What was it like to Fight in the Battle of the Somme?

Everyone has heard of the Somme, but what was it really like to take part? Find out more by looking at these differing accounts.

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What was it like to Fight in the First World War?

Since the 1960s the emphasis has been on the awful conditions, the casualty rates and on the stupidity and cowardice of the 'butchering and bungling' generals. But what was it really like for the men on the Western Front?

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What was Trench Warfare?

Trench warfare has become synonymous with the First World War but what was it really like and why did it become so predominant? Find out more about the theory and reality of trench warfare.

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Why did it take so Long for Cremation to become Acceptable?

Using material from the Cremation Society Archive, this resource focuses on people's beliefs about resurrection and life after death. This online resource was designed to support the study of Religious Education.

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