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Japanese Culture


Workshop details

Key Stage: 2

Number of participants: This session is primarily aimed at a class of up to 30 pupils, accompanied by at least 2 - 3 adults.

Length of session: Japanese Culture lasts a full day (usually from 10am - 2.15pm), although it can be adapted to suit schools who only wish to come for half a day.

Venue: This workshop is held at the Oriental Museum. Please look at our Your Visit pages for full information about visiting the Museum.

Session outline

This cross curricular session offer schools the chance to experience a wide variety of activities in numerous subjects. Aimed primarily at KS2 pupils the Japanese Culture session is intended to increase pupils’ understanding of Japanese culture and make learning about it as enjoyable and as relevant
to them as possible.

This session allows pupils to learn and communicate in different ways, for example through art and literacy. It is hoped that this will lead to an increased motivation for the subject and for learning in general. Just as importantly we want our sessions to be fun, inspiring and creative.

The Oriental Museum houses an extensive and detailed collection of Oriental art and artefacts. Amongst our collections are many diverse and detailed Japanese pieces including silk kimonos and Samurai swords. Pupils will be able to not only explore the galleries and the collections but will undertake a wide variety of activities based on Japanese culture and history. From producing Samurai helmets to Haiku poems, a visit to the Oriental Museum offers a cross-curricular session that will fascinate both pupils and teachers.

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