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Deserts and rainforests: how do plants adapt?

Deserts and rainforests

Workshop details

Key Stage: 2

Number of participants: This session is primarily aimed at a class of up to 30 pupils, accompanied by at least 2 - 3 adults.

Length of session: Deserts and rainforests is an extremely flexible session which can be adapted to last from 1 hour through to a full day (10am - 2.30pm). Please let us know how long you want to stay when booking.

Venue: Botanic Garden. Please look at our Your Visit pages for full information about visiting the Garden.

Session outline

This session gives pupils the chance to explore different climates and habitats and find out more about the impact they have on plant and animal life. During the session students will look at plants from around the world, observe different plant adaptations and see plants growing in their natural environments.

This workshop allows pupils to learn and communicate in different ways. It is hoped that this will lead to an increased motivation for the subject and for learning in general. Just as importantly we want our sessions to be fun, inspiring and creative.

A visit to Durham University's Botanic Garden will allow your class to experience first hand the amazing diversity of the world’s plants all under one roof (sky)! Pupils will have the chance to see epiphytic orchids in our rainforest room, prickly pears in our cactus house and much, much more. Your class will also have the chance to spend some time exploring our site using our range of dedicated trails, including a quiz trail which takes students from sheep to giant bugs via puzzled monkeys!

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