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Key Stage 2 Resources

Explore a range of online teaching resources for primary History that you can use in your classroom to support your 4Schools visit, or download our Literacy worksheets.

Rich and Poor in Tudor Times: What can Inventories Tell Us?

Find out more about life in Tudor Times by using one or more of the eleven inventories in this online investigation.

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Sir Francis Drake and the Circumnavigation of the Globe

Using 17th Century printed accounts, this online investigation asks students whether Drake's journey was one of plunder or discovery.

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Early Attempts at Settlement in America: the Roanoke Experiment

Why did the early attempts at settlement in America fail? Were the settlers just unlucky or did they have a hand in their own fate?

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Remembering Slavery

An online exhibition and series of activities designed for use on Smartboards that look at different aspects of the slave trade.

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What was Durham Market Place like? A Local History Study

An online investigation which uses the example of the Market Place in Durham to examine what life was like in the past. It shows how maps, photographs, census returns, trade directories and church records can be used to study local history.

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Victorian Durham

An online exhibition focusing on Victorian Durham. This exhibition looks at different aspects of Victorian life such as health, diet, leisure, toys and games, housing and education. Resources, worksheet and a trail around the historic World Heritage Site are also available for download.

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Literacy teaching resources

Download Literacy worksheets looking at archival material from the two World Wars.