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It's all Greek to me!


Workshop details

Key Stage: 2

Number of participants: This session is primarily aimed at a class of up to 30 pupils, accompanied by at least 2 - 3 adults.

Length of session: Our Ancient Greece workshop lasts a full day (usually from 10am to 2.15pm), although we can adapt the session to suit schools who only wish to visit for half a day.

Venue: Museum of Archaeology. Please look at our Your Visit pages for full information about visiting the Museum.

Session outline

This session aims to help support and enhance the existing knowledge of pupils studying Ancient Greece in KS2 history, increasing their understanding of the period of history and how it relates to them. This session allows pupils to learn and communicate in different ways, for example through art and drama. It is hoped that the session will lead to an increased motivation for the subjects and for learning in general. Just as importantly, we want our sessions to be fun, creative and inspiring.

Who were the ancient Greeks? What did they accomplish and what ideas still survive today? These are the very questions that will be answered in this varied and hands-on session. Using a variety of activities pupils will discover the Greek alphabet and how it relates to ours. Pupils will also examine the museum’s handling collection, picking up actual Greek pots in the process. For the more theatrical pupils we offer a chance to develop, rehearse and perform an adaptation of a genuine Greek comedy.

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