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Key Stage 2 History Workshops

From Castles to Romans and from the Great Fire of London to the Vikings, the Learning Team offer a fantastic primary History programme. Find out about our programme of workshops below, or explore our online teaching resources.


Stone to Bronze to Iron Age

Find out more about prehistory in this specially developed session. The children will have the chance to explore the gallery, use our handling collection and focus in on specific periods through an interactive quest and by creating their own work of art.

National Curriculum link: Changes in Britain from Stone Age to Iron Age

Full day Museum of Archaeology or outreach


Wear Romans

What was life like for Romans in the North of England? This session uses the archaeology gallery and our handling collection to see what the children can deduce from Roman artefacts.

National Curriculumn link: The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain

Full day Museum of Archaeology or outreach


Anglo-Saxon life

Is it really true to think of this period as the Dark Ages? This session explores Anglo-Saxon art, culture and life using the objects on display and our extensive handling collection.

National Curriculum link: Britain's settlement by the Anglo-Saxons and Scots

Full day Museum of Archaeology or outreach

Lindisfarne Gospels

The making and meaning of the Lindisfarne Gospels

Northumbria was a centre of intellectual and spiritual culture in the 7th and 8th centuries. This session focuses on the Lindisfarne Gospels, one of the greatest Christian manuscripts and considers why and how it was made, the symbolism contained within it and why it has always been important.

National Curriculum link: Settlement of Britain by the Anglo-Saxons and the Scots

Half or full day Palace Green Library or outreach


The coming of the Vikings

What were the Vikings like and were they so very different from the native Anglo-Saxons? This hands-on session considers what life was like in Viking Britain using our handling collection and gallery displays.

National Curriculum link: The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England

Full day Museum or Archaeology or Outreach (half day)

Tudor times

Find out more about life in Tudor times using documents and artefacts and discover how historians use primary sources and architecture to build up a picture of life in Tudor Durham.

National Curriculum link: Local history study

Full day Museum of Archaeology or outreach

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First World War

Pack up your troubles!

A session that considers some of the reasons why young men volunteered to fight in the First World War including the pervading culture, the recruitment drives and official propaganda. The session also focuses on what life was like as a new recruit in the Army and makes use of a specially created handling collection.

National Curriculum link: Extends chronological knowledge beyond 1066.

Full or half day Palace Green Library or Outreach


Your own backyard

Embark on a study of the local Durham area and discover its fascinating history. What stories lie behind local landmarks? Piece together the puzzles of the past with maps, documents and photographs.

National Curriculum link: Local History study, All about me

Half or full day Palace Green Library or outreach

It's all Greek to me!

This session focuses on life in Ancient Greece from artefact handling to decoding symbols, investigating classical architecture to creating a Greek pot and even participate in a play!

National Curriculum link: Achievements of the Ancient Civilizations

Full day Museum of Archaeology or outreach

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Life and death in Ancient Egypt

Using our Egyptian galleries, students find out about life and death in Ancient Egypt. They discover how museums can be used to find out about Egypt, learn about Mummies and the afterlife. Children are also given the opportunity to handle real artefacts and take part in a role play activity based on the Weighing of the Heart ceremony.

National Curriculum link: Achievements of Ancient civilizations

Full day Oriental Museum

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Shang Dynasty

The Shang Dynasty

Use our collections to find out more about this ancient dynasty. Explore the bronze and jade objects made by their craftsmen, discover how they used oracle bones and learn about ancient burial practices.

National Curriculum link: Achievements of the earliest civilizations

Full day Oriental Museum

Early Islam

Early Islamic Civilization

Using the collections of the Museum the children learn about the history of the Islamic world as expressed through their art. The session includes work in one of our galleries, the chance to create their own piece of art and the opportunity to learn about the importance of storytelling.

National Curriculum link: A non-European society that provides contrasts with British history

Full day Oriental Museum

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