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Key Stage 2 Art Workshops

4schools offer a range of workshops that explore art and inspire children to create their own artwork.

Islamic civilizations

Islamic civilizations

This half day workshop gives pupils the chance to learn more about Islamic art and culture and create their own artwork.

Half day Oriental Museum


Marvels of China

In this hands-on, art-based workshop children will explore the culture of China, focusing on symbolism, the importance of dragons, the story behind the Chinese Zodiac and aspects of life in Imperial China. Pupils can also work in teams to create their own mini terracotta warrior!

Full day Oriental Museum

Signs and symbols

Signs and symbolism in art from around the world

A cross gallery exploration of the use of signs and symbols in art from Japan, China, Near and Middle East, India and Tibet. The workshop also gives students the chance to create artwork inspired by the collections on display.

Half or full day Oriental Museum 

Spirit of the Samurai

Exploring our Japanese gallery, children get the chance to learn about Samurai warriors, try their hand at origami and learn about symbolism.

There is also the opportunity to combine this workshop with a trip to the Botanic Garden to learn more about the influence of nature on Japanese art.

Full day Oriental Museum and Botanic Garden

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