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Jack and the lost beanstalk


Workshop details

Key Stage: 1

Number of participants: This session is primarily aimed at a class of up to 30 pupils, accompanied by at least 2 - 3 adults.

Length of session: This workshop lasts for half a day (usually from 10am - 12noon or 1 - 2.30pm), although it can be combined with other activities for schools who wish to come for a full day.

Venue: This workshop is held at the Botanic Garden. Please look at our Your Visit pages for full information about visiting the Garden.

Session Outline

This session aims to help support and enhance the existing knowledge of pupils studying science and mathematics at KS1 and takes the familiar story of Jack and the Beanstalk as its inspiration. The workshop allows pupils to learn and communicate in different ways, for example through fieldwork and practical maths. It is hoped that the session will lead to an increased motivation for the subjects and for learning in general. Just as importantly we want our sessions to be fun, creative and inspiring.

Jack has lost his magic bean but still needs to reach the land of the giants. He has been told that the Botanic Garden has lots of tall trees but which one will he choose to climb? This session takes the children on a tour of the Garden encouraging them to estimate size, make comparisons between the different trees, identify the properties of materials, learn about different environments and discover what plants need to grow.

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