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EYFS and KS1 Religious Education Workshops

Learn about different world religions in our programme of workshops for the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.



Learn about this special time for Hindus and Sikhs in our celebration of Diwali. The session incorporates an interactve story telling of part of the Ramayana, a gallery trail and the creation of traditional flower garlands and Diwali cards.

National Curriculum link: Special times

Half day Oriental Museum


Buddha's birthday

The festival of Wesak takes place in May and celebrates the birth of Buddha. In this session the children find out more about the life of Buddha and how it is celebrated by Buddhists.

National Curriculum link: Special times, Special people, Worship

Half day Oriental Museum


What is Buddhism?

Who was Buddha and why is he a special person to Buddhists? This session uses objects on display in our gallery to answer these questions and encourage the children to discover how Buddhists worship at home and in their temples.

National Curriculum link: Special people, Special objects

Full day Oriental Museum

Lindisfarne Gospels

A special book: the Lindisfarne Gospels

The Lindisfarne Gospels has always been an important book. This workshop considers why so many people still think it is an important book and offers the children the chance to dress as a monk, write with a quill and design their own illuminated letter.

National Curriculum link: Special book

Half day Outreach

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