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EYFS and KS1 History Workshops

From Castles to Romans and from the Great Fire of London to the Victorians, the Learning Team offer a fantastic primary history programme. 


Exploring Durham Castle

Overlooking the River Wear, Durham Castle has dominated the skyline for nearly 1000 years. Why was it built? Who lived here and what was it like? This session takes children on a tour of this historic building before letting them create their own castle, dress up, design their very own coat of arms and take part in a competition to see who can build the best defensive wall!

National Curriculum link: Signficant historical places in own locality

Half or full day Durham Castle

Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London

Introducing primary school pupils to the study of history, this session starts with a timeline activity before using props and materials from our archives to find out more about the Great Fire of London and how historians know what happened.

National Curriculum link: Events beyond living memory

Half day Palace Green Library or outreach


Homes and houses

Using photographs and other primary sources this session focuses on homes and houses through the ages. Children use detective skills to work out how houses have changed over time and have the opportunity to handle objects from Victorian homes.

National Curriculum link: Local History study

Half day Palace Green Library or outreach

First World War

We will remember them

This session considers the boys and men who fought in the First World War, considering what life was like for them and the reasons why we need to remember their service and sacrifice. The children will use photographs and a specially created handling session to explore these themes.

National Curriculum link: Events beyond living memory 

Half or full day Outreach


Your own backyard

Embark on a study of the local Durham area and discover its fascinating history. What stories lie behind local landmarks? Piece together the puzzles of the past with maps, documents and photographs.

National Curriculum link: Local History study, All about me

Half or full day Palace Green Library or outreach

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