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A Trip to the Theatre

Recreate these Ancient Greek plays with your family! Get creative with costume designing, prop building and mask making to put on your own show!

Please share pictures and videos of your plays with us @dumuseums and @dulearning.

The Ancient Greek playwrights wrote some amazing plays, performed in the great theatrical festivals of the god Dionysus. The three main types of Greek plays were tragedies, comedies and satyr plays. These play scripts are based on the original surviving scripts but we have simplified them and made them more accessible to younger children, so all age groups can join in the fun!

The Frogs

The Frogs was a comedy written by Aristophanes and was performed at one of the festivals to Dionysus in approximately 405 BCE in Athens. This simplified script is appropriate for primary school children and is written with a modern twist of comedy.


Medea was a tragedy written by Euripedes and was first performed in approximately 431 BCE. It is based upon the myth of Jason and Medea and is a tale of betrayal, murder and tragic downfall! Suitable for older primary school children and younger secondary school children. Written to be child appropriate. Adults, please read the script to decide if appropriate for your children.