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Helen Schell – Visual Artist & Space STEAM Educator

Artist Biography

‘The Human Spaceship – I believe art and science must collaborate for humanity to fully understand that we live in a space-faring society and are witnessing the most astounding change in ‘being-human’ through astronomy and space exploration in the 21st century.’

As such, I devise and present nationwide space themed workshops and presentations (STEAM) for 2000-4000 school children and non-specialist adults a year, and art exhibitions for more than 30,000 a year. After 12 years of specialist art projects collaborating with space scientists from UK universities, 2019 reaped prestigious awards for my art work inspired by space exploration. Early in the year, I won ESA’s (European Space Agency) Moon 3D Printing, International Competition for a Moon garden design. Moon-shot: Woman on the Moon, solo show at Ely Cathedral won the IAU100 Moon Landing 50 Prize for Most Innovative Event, worldwide. I also had the distinction of being the first artist to be presented with the Sir Arthur C Clarke Award for Outreach for my contribution to space exploration.

The Human Spaceship is the umbrella project for art works which include 2d and 3d large paintings, drawings and installations employing multiple optical illusions to represent what it is like to be human in space conditions. To develop ‘The Human Spaceship’ art project and my linked research into visual perception in ‘altered gravity’, I met with lead scientists from NASA’s Human Spaceflight Program at Johnson Space Center, Rice Space Institute, Lunar & Planetary Institute, the medical colleges of Baylor & TRISH (astronaut health) as well as the Space Architecture Dept at University of Houston (future technology), USA.

As an artist, I have access to many space experts and organisations through art/science collaborations and my work as an Esero-UK Space Ambassador for ESA education (European Space Agency). 2015/16, I was awarded a Pollock Krasner Foundation grant to visit UK and European space institutions to unite art and space science. Other projects include Science Museum, Royal Astronomical Society, Institute of Physics and large UK art and science institutions. I have participated in several international residencies in the USA, Canada, Cuba and Europe as well as many UK residencies.

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