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Durham University

Team Durham

Weightlifting and Powerlifting

About Us

Durham University Lifting Club is the University’s official Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting club. We are a community where individuals with the same passion for lifting can share their knowledge and expertise with others. We cater to all levels of experience and compete in regional and national competitions throughout the year. Our core aim is to improve strength both as individuals and as a team in a fun, motivational and dedicated environment. The club consists of a competition and development squad. We therefore welcome anyone with the desire for self-improvement.

Due to the focus on movement quality, speed and power, Powerlifting & Olympic weightlifting carry over to many other sports. Therefore, we encourage athletes from other disciplines to join us and supplement their training. Our sports are exceptionally safe, despite common misconceptions, due to the emphasis on technique which helps with injury prevention in other disciplines.

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Powerlifting is a strength and power-based sport in which individuals compete in three major lifts; the squat, bench press and deadlift.

Training schedules can vary according to experience level and stage of competition preparation among many other things. Typically, you can expect to train 3-5 times a week with each session centring on one or more of the Big Three lifts followed by variations and accessories.

For those looking to compete, the main focus of the year is the University Championships in Easter, this will also involve qualifying at a regional event. In competition, the heaviest successful attempt for each lift is added to form a total, these are compared against other lifters form the same age and weight class.

Ability level does not matter, in fact, most of our members were completely new to the sport upon joining and many choose not to compete.

Olympic Weightlifting is a speed and power-based sport associated with two competition lifts: The Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

Despite the narrow focus of the competitions, training will encompass a broad range of activities designed to improve speed, strength, and flexibility. It may be an individual sport but we strive to create a strong team environment within and outside of training which makes it more fun and productive.

We welcome athletes of all levels. In fact, the majority of our members had never performed a Snatch or Clean & Jerk before they joined us. There will also be a number of opportunities to compete for the more competitive minded and the season will be geared towards the BUCS competition that takes place in April. Athletes compete in weight and age categories that make the sport accessible for all.

Powerlifting Captain: Josh Ellis

Weightlifting Captain: Ben Sharpley

Coaches: Jon Boyle, Niamh Moody and Ecem Hasan

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