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Undergraduate Scholarships

We believe in creating an environment in which academic excellence can be combined with opportunities for personal development. One of the most rewarding ways our students further their personal development is by taking part in the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer at Durham. Specifically, our students are amongst the most talented in the country in the field of sport.

We are therefore pleased to offer four different undergraduate scholarship opportunities for sport:

  • Vice-Chancellor's scholarships
  • Weldon-le Huray scholarships
  • Palatinate scholarships
  • Racecourse scholarships (rugby preference) 

Applications are particularly welcome from Ethnic Minority groups and candidates who come from neighbourhoods with low overall progression to higher education or high levels of socio-economic deprivation.

Relationship between the four potential Scholarship opportunities

Vice Chancellor's scholarship awards tend to be dominated by applicants who are able to demonstrate excellence in sport at the very highest (national) level; whilst Palatinate Scholarships tend to be awarded to strong applications who may be competing at just below the national level. Both of these opportunities are complemented by our Weldon-le Huray scholarships and the Racecourse scholarship which are specifically designed to offer further opportunities to applicants from lower family income households.

All applicants wishing to be considered for either a Vice Chancellor's award or a Palatinate award need only submit an application for a Vice Chancellor's scholarship. The strongest 8-10 applications will be awarded a Vice Chancellor's scholarship - following which up to 20 'near-miss' applicants will be offered a Palatinate scholarship.

Applicants who are eligible to apply for a Weldon - le Huray scholarship or the Racecourse scholarship may also submit a Vice Chancellor's application but only a single (highest value) award will be made to successful applicants.

Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities

Further details of these scholarships, including eligibility details and how to apply, can be found using the links below.

All financial support opportunities have associated eligibility conditions such as citizenship, household income or academic achievement, therefore it is essential applicants consider all requirements prior to submitting an application. Please also observe any application deadlines and submission requirements.

Vice-Chancellor's Scholarships

This provides support for applicants with an exceptional level of excellence in Sport, Music or the Arts.

Weldon-le Huray Sport Scholarships

This provides support for applicants from lower income households who are able to demonstrate exceptional potential.
The Women's Table Tennis Championship Final at BUCS Big Wednesday 2018

Palatinate Scholarships

Palatinate scholarships will be awarded to unsuccessful but 'near-miss' Vice-Chancellor's sport scholarship applicants.
Women's Lacrosse

Elite Athlete Support Programme

In addition to the financial support provided by a scholarship, all our scholars will also benefit from our Elite Athlete Support Programme. This programme is specifically designed to support the very best student-athletes in any sporting discipline who are aspiring to compete at the University level.

Services available within the Elite Athlete Support Programme include*:

  • Professional coaching structures
  • Performance and individual technique video analysis
  • Personalised, sport-specific strength and conditioning programmes and fitness support
  • Access to sport psychology support
  • Enhanced access to physiotherapy and injury prevention support
  • Access to comprehensive pre-season, term-time and summer season training programmes
  • Enhanced lifestyle and time management support / mentoring for selected athletes
  • Personalised nutritional guidance seminars and additional nutritional information

*Please note that programmes will be designed to reflect the requirements of each individual and, as such, not all of the services listed above will be available to all of the athletes within the Elite Athlete Support Programme.